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Enchanting Redux


1. If you're coming back for an update, please consider Endorsing.
2. If you find any issues, chill and give feedback.
3. I need feedback to make it better.
4. There are no scripts in this mod - feel free to install/uninstall at whim.
5. The mod has been cleaned with TESVEdit.

Try the mod with something like the Opulent Outfits Store.

What the mod does.

1 - This mod adds a number of static enchants which the individual robes all default back to when you disenchant them. You can now just disenchant a robe, or mage hood, then enchant any of your modded robes, clothing or armour with the full enchant that you wish to use instead.

For instance, Disenchanting the Novice Conjuration Robes (12% Less Cost/50% Mana Regen) will put the "Fortify Conjuration - Novice" Enchant in your learned enchanting list. You may then enchant any armour or robe with that enchant.

2 - The mod also allows circlets and hoods or helmets to be worn together - I'm not saying they will look good depending on the circlet. I did this because the edits would probably interfer with mods that did this already.

3 - It also allows for disenchanting of Archmage Robes, Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild and Nightingale Armour sets to be disenchanted. Keep in mind the armour enchantments (Like Poison Resistance) of these sets might still scale and will not be static.


Circlets with Hoods and Helms.
Full Robe enchants when enchanting - An Adept Robe enchant can be used to enchant more Adept Robes or Armours.
Disenchanting of Faction Armours.

Best Uses.

It's great for disenchanting a Novice Conjuration Robe and putting that enchantment on your Steel Armour, or your Fur Armour for frostfall or just another more preferable Robe you crafted.

Also being able to disenchant certain armour sets to use the enchants on crafted armour is fairly necessary - The Dark Brotherhood Gloves and Boots for instance. You can then apply them to any armour or clothing.

What the mod doesn't do.

It doesn't allow you to enchant all armour with any enchant, you'll need a different mod for that - although if there's a conflict or those mods aren't picking up these enchants I will release one for you. (Like I said I need feedback).

It also doesn't do any robe that is Magicka Regen only, including the Novice Robes. All Magicka only enchants will still scale normally.

Installation is merely a quick and easy step of dropping the esp into your data folder.
Installation with NMM is always advised.

There will probably be some more to do for Dawnguard and/or Dragonborn.
A SkyRe Patch at some point.

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