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standalone dark heavy armor

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[size=20]Dark Knight Armor[/size]
This mod adds new armor set called Dark knight armor.
Works on both male and female, though it was made for male so female one will look bulky.

thanks Brodual and PearsonWC2 for the videos

- Skyrim with latest update

- Download and install with NMM
- Extract esp and bsa into Skyrim/Data folder
- activate the plugin

How to get
To craft you need:
- Ebony smithing perk
- Ebony ingots (13 total)
- Leather strips (9 total)
- Void salts (5 total)
- access to Skyforge

To temper you need:
- 4 ebony ingots

Console commands for cheaters:
boots XX0000D67
gauntlets XX0000D68
helmet XX0000D69
torso XX0000D66

XX is number in your load order

Armor Stats
Between Daedric and Ebony armor

Lore friendly/Immersive
Decide yourself.

Witcher 2 Models by LordOfWar
Timmy19992 for retexture/small torso model fix (removed the 3 crosses on neck protector) of the armor and plugin