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Adds Spartacus' armor from the Starz TV series.

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"I have done this thing because it is just. Blood demands blood. We have lived and lost at the whims of our masters for too long. I would not have it so. I would not see the passing of a brother, for the purpose of sport. I would not see another heart ripped from a chest, or breath forfeit for no cause. I know not all of you wish this, yet it is done. It is done. Your lives are your own. Forge your own path, or join with us, and together we shall see ROME TREMBLE!"
- Spartacus to the Gladiators

Adds two sets of armor from the TV series "Spartacus". This is a one off mod. I don't normally mod Skyrim, so asking for Crixus/Gannicus' armor etc is not something I'm going to do. I made this one because there weren't any Gladiator armors for Skyrim. I chose this specific armor as a tribute to the late Andy Whitfield.

The first armor set is Murmillo, what is used by Spartacus in the arena in his battle against Theokoles, paired with a shield. The other is Dimachaerus which has two arm manicas instead of one for dual wield fighters.

I have included a gladius made by Jedo_Dre. I also made Spartacus' trademark curved Acinaces sword based off his model.

All the weapons and armor can be crafted under the Steel category at a forge.

What would you do, to hold your wife again? To feel the warmth of her skin, the taste of her lips? How many men would you kill? A hundred? A thousand? There stands but one between you and her.
- Spartacus to Batiatus

Scottmack - Models/Textures
Nivea - Rigging Murmillo armors
Hothtrooper44 - Rigging Dimachaerus armors and 2D art
maty742 - Plumes models and textures
Jedo_Dre - Gladius from

This is a Nexus exclusive. I will not give my permission for it to be uploaded to any other website, nor included in any mod on the Nexus. Translations for the Nexus are fine, but only a modified esp can be uploaded. You may not upload this work's models/textures with the translation.

Gannicus Armor