Complete Solitude by Captain Swoop and TheFirstEnd
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Added: 15/05/2013 - 12:49PM
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Last updated at 15:36, 17 Oct 2014 Uploaded at 12:49, 15 May 2013

While it works alone it looks best used with either Nernie's City and Village Expansion or Nernies Solitude and the Solitude Docks / City of Trade Mods.

Version 1.31a Outside City uploaded
Version 1.31a Complete uploaded
This fixes Navmesh and problems with Vanilla NPCs and navigation and fixes various other problems.
Entirely down to TheFirstEnd who did all the work on this. Big thanks

Version 1.31 Outside City Only
Now at same version as the main mod.
Major Navmesh issue fixed.

Version 1.31
I discovered a major bug in the Navmesh on the steps outside the outer gate.
It stopped followers from getting in and out of the city.
Fixed now.

Version 1.3
Fixes bug that stops NPCs in Solitude from interacting with the Player.
Thanks to Damius for sotting what was going wrong.

Version 1.2a
Fixes Bugs notified by users.
Navmesh revised to try and fix CTD noted by a few users using Solitude Docks Mod although, I can't make it CTD with any other Solitude Mod if mine is loaded last and low down the order. Some misplaced objects fixed. Lift Office problem with NPCs and Companions not exiting fixed.

Version 1.2
Added more building content. Including the 'Copper Dragon Brewery, NPC house interiors, some apartment rooms and biggest of all a way for freight to get up to the city. A company called the 'Solitude Lift'
Suitable staff for the above and a couple of extra traders for the market.
Fixed some bugs and errors pointed out by users.
Also now compatible with 'Shortcuts - Secret Entrances For All Cities Plus Thieves Guild'
Fixed the 'Grey Face' problem with a BSA file containing meshes and textures for the NPCs.

Also uploaded a version (1.21) that modifies only the outside of the city leaving the interior untouched for those that want to use other Solitude Mods that may clash.

Version 1.1
Compatible with Nernies Solitude
Compatible with Nernie's City and Village Expansion
Cleaned with TES5Edit
Load after Nernies Solitude to work correctly
Fixed problem with Solitude Docks compatibility
Moved some additions inside Solitude to fix Clipping problems
Added a Jewelry store.

Cities in Skyrim seem small and empty, lots of prime building plots just growing weeds.
Solitude is supposedly the Imperial Capital of Skyrim yet we find the Outer Bailey occupied only by weeds and a dirt path, inside the same, very few houses and lots of empty plots of land.
This Mod fills the outer part of the city and lets you feel you are in the Capital.
Stone steps instead of a dirt path lead up through the outer part of the city to the main gate.
An extra Tavern a Blacksmith and Trader give the feel of entering a City. Houses tower up and away on each side.
Inside the main city there are extra houses filling the view to give more depth, extra market stalls and buildings fill out the space. Now we have streets and avenues instead of isolated buildings.

I have added three interiors inside the city, one of them can be occupied by the player.
I have plans for further expansion with traders and citizens so some of the buildings can't be entered yet.
In the outer part of the city the Tavern and Sop are complete as is the Blacksmith and one other but here are still buildings that as yet can't be entered.

When I have some feedback as to what people want I will add occupants and interiors.

Tested with Solitude Docks District and Proudspire Mods and it all works OK.
Mods that add lots of buildings to the city will have problems as they will be trying to occupy the same space.

Working on updates incorporating suggestions by other users and to make it compatible with other Mods for Solitude.

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by izon87604

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