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Complete reskin of all ingots. ***Now updated with gold and silver.

Permissions and credits
*** I have redone this pack for the masses per request.

Meshes are also here a bit modified mostly glossiness.
Silver and Iron are no more switched (like vanilla). Gold and
Dwemer ingots are completely separate and based on new meshes.

Install: remove my previous pack completely and copy this
in keeping directory structure.
Skyrim - Ingot Texture Pack by Mancer
First, I would like to thank Bethesda for making the game
and Nexus for it's existence.

God this was a mess. I planned to do ingot skins but hell...
Iron and silver textures are switched(!), gold can not be made
because the model file gives it an odd a green shine. Gold
and dwemer ingot use a different texture map but the same
normal map...

Well it took me almost 7 hours to get the result here...

Note: included are all the ingots reskinned with normal map. Further
improvement is not possible for me without Nifskope and that we do
not have yet.
This pack IS A REPLACER so copy the data directory into
your Skyrim folder keeping up directory structure.

Note: if you use mods that replaces textures be careful what
you copy in or overwrite.
Credit go to Bethesda for the original files. I mod for my own
fun and do not make any profit of it. You may include these
files in your mod without asking me first just give credit if you
do so. I also cannot be held responsible to any damage to
your computer while using my mod. You use this at your own risk.
Special thx to Grot for testing and giving me his opinions.
If you like what I do check out my files via nexus searching on my profile.
Any comment is welcome. Have much fun!