Husky HD Recolor - Bran and Sceolang replacer by Aenkill
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Added: 14/05/2013 - 12:11AM
Updated: 15/05/2013 - 07:02PM

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Last updated at 19:02, 15 May 2013 Uploaded at 0:11, 14 May 2013

Check this mod by PlagueHush that fixes 'holes' in textures and has AV package

Hello, this is my very first mod and it's still in progress, so I'd appreciate any advice and help.

This mod replaces Bran and Sceolang (the Dawnguard armored huskies) with HD (2048x2048) textures. Each variant comes with blue and green eyes colors.

You can also use MangoMonkey's optional "Unique Huskies Patch" that removes armour from Dawnguard Huskies and gives them unique colours. Please read included ReadMe file to customise your chosen colours. If You used "No Armours" mod, please update the file as it contains the bug, which has been fixed in this patch!

Download the file and unpack it, choose the desired variant and place "Data" folder in Your Skyrim main folder. Two textures will be replaced. If You use "Unique Huskies Patch" follow the instructions in ReadMe.

Simply delete the files from the folders.

Aenkill - textures
MangoMonkey - "Unique Huskies Patch" and fix for "No Armors" mod
Edg3k - tongue texture
Proxe ( - eye texture base

Thank You all for helping me in developing this mod. I really appreciate this!


-new eyes texture with blue variant added
-two new variants added
-"Uniqe Huskies patch" added
-fixed bug in "No Armors" mod, please use "Unique Huskies Patch" instead

-initial release