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This is a Massive Player Home set at the Top of the throat of the world behind the walls of High Hrothgar. You must complete the quest and be welcomed as the Dragonborn to get the key from the Castle Guardain. This Mod also Uses General Stores as it auto sorting. Now with new Beta all in one install with the Nexus Mod Manager.

New Up

Permissions and credits
Updated to 1.81 Completed Mar 07, 2014 ---

I MADE A VIDEO!!!! lol

Ok, need an actor to be the mannequins voice now. I will get a script ready. Message me if you want to be that voice.

Ok New update is up on the nexus you can find it here  Castle Draco High Hrothgar Legendary Edition

1.81 Added some hidden treasures around the grounds mainly some nice custom weapons you will have to find them lol. Fixed some small placement issues and worked on the ai some. Removed some guard to reduce some lag on the forge. Cleaned and repack Bsa. Let me know if I missed anything should be alright I didnt notice anything lol.

Been working on AI of NPC's But they are dummys so it is Wip Let know if those bards keep facing the walls lol.

Well, I got bored and started working on an update. So here we go Lots of changes and new stuff. With more to come see Change Log for details.

Note, Made a BSA to make for a clean install and with new permissions from general stores can now include all files in one download no need to get additional files. You will need to manually remove old files but is not required too. Please use link in description to endorse General store and other mods, that have given permission to use their mods; to make this mod possible.

As, always please report bugs and anything missing in the bsa so I can fix.

Posted New Pictures.


Castle Draco High Hrothgar Edition by Draco1122 and Other See Credits Version 1.77

General Stores Required. New Beta Has general stores in it. (You will crash without it) No DLC Required. ATM. Must have your Skyrim Up to date and be a Legal Version. Link Here---MUST HAVE Mod General Stores

Link Here---MUST HAVE Mod General Stores

----This is a conversion mod of my Castle Draco mod. So I was looking for a new player home and came across some other mods I liked. (See credits for details). Wanted to keep the description as short as possible. So I liked them so much I asked the authors if I could make a Larger Castle mod using their mods with mine. They said yes and here we go with my second release of Castle Draco High Hrothgar Edition. A player home with all you will ever need. Now, With auto sorting on the Great Forge and SO MUCH MORE!

----Auto Sorting-----
First off, I didn't make the scripts nor do I fully understand the scripts for the auto sorting. How the sorting works the armor can be sorted with the Dragonbone armor dummy. Weapons have to be manually sorted by placing the items in the weapon sorting rack not sure why the sort all doesn't work for weapons. The unburden option lets you sort all crafting supplies. It will take some learning to get use to but it is the best sorting system I have seen so far.

-----HOW TO Get the Castle. ----

Complete The GreyBeards Start Quest For The Guardain Golem to give you the Key's.

You must complete the quest and be welcomed as the Dragonborn to get the key from the Golem.

Please endorse IF you like.

----Features In Castle Draco High Hrothgar Edition version.----
Player Home Castle
Lots of storage
Lots Of Mannequins
Lots Of Chest
Lots of Easter eggs (Look around their is lots to find)
Treasure Vaults Locked for balance Can be picked master difficult.
Manniquin Vendors
Manniquin Staff
Stone Golem Guards
Custom Sounds
Shrine to One True God with Custom Blessing
Children rooms 70 percent done WIP
Front (Feel it is missing something)
Better AI for guards and merchants
Custom Textures Done to my best at this time.
New Teleport Spell to help you get around. Also, you will find many links to rooms to help you get around faster.

Well tested by me.
(As I have all the loose file for the creation kit I can't test bsa so let me know if you get Yellow ! mark or the quest doesn't work).

I have used and planned this for a long time. So I hope you can see the detail and planning in it. It is a true all you need Castle player home.

Located to the side As to have no conflicts with the Main Story.

----Castle Rooms----
Main Castle Entrance and Throne room.
Upper Castle That Leads to library, Kitchen, Bath, Hall of Dragons, Chambers, Kings Private Quarters, Vaults, and Grotto.
Treasure Vaults
Great Forge With Autosorting Thx to Harvey2112
Armory you have to stock it
Training Area.
Bath with Men's and Women's bath.
Hidden Springs Lost Grotto.
Mines and Dungeons.
With, more to come and for you to discover.

----Castle Staff.----
Kate the Master Healer
Kaely the Bard
Vampire Keeper of the Halls Of Dragon's
Manny the Merchant
Blacksmith Manniquin (Vendor)
Dark Stone Golem Guards
Gardener Mannquin (Not sure yet)
Grounds Keepers Manniquin
Chef Manniquin
Lore Keeper Manniquin ( Story wip)

Dialog is basic atm plan to add more and different voices.

---Plans to do in Future Updates---
Fix any error reported.
Never done this so not sure if I can but make Hearthfire Kid friendly and spouse friendly.
Finish Garden Grotto
Polish and clean up lighting and placement in areas.
Expand the AI to do some cool things.
Add more story with quest
Open to suggestions.

---Update Info.---
See Changes Tab.

Have to see it!

Dwemer Vault Key in in the Lost Grotto by the altar and in the Chest.
Not all doors have keys yet you will have to use console to see the work in progress areas.

----Known Issues None.

----MODS you will see in the pictures but are not in this mod.----

Sexy winterhold retexture and Villages.
Serious HD Retexture 1.5 in some picture and Skyrim HD in others.
I now use ENB with the new memory patch so pictures are very dated will be updating them.
I have Lots of re-texture so you may see some others but to many to post them all. They are all on the nexus tho.
My other mods.
And many mods I have over 200 mods running but I think I almost have my skyrim perfect lol.
Also,Dova Hideout Rugs and Banners - New Exotic Furs by mgbeach and trixterpriest
Climates Of Tamriel

I can't find the Golem. --- Active the quest arrow will point to him he wanders the grounds outside of High Hrothgar.

I crash at start --- You do not have general stores installed. Or not checked on in load order.

I do not see the castle --- Your game is not up to date or didn't activate all the plug ins.

I do not want to do a quest I just want the castle. --- Keys are in a key chest behind a pine tree by the door.

Old ----News----
Update is Uploading now with Music from Symphonies Of Skyrim by Tom Colebrooke to the Castle interior Cells to set an nice tone to the castle. If you haven't heard his work it is amazing. Link Here---True Masterpieces

Songs thru out the Castle Names and Areas by Tom Colebrooke

Nordic Fable for Central Halland Wings.
Mead & Meriment in the Main Court.
Cobbled Streets in the Baths
Dawn over the Market In the Vaults
Hearthfires for the Master bedroom
Peace in the hold in the Castle Guest Area
The Elixir Of exploration for the Dwemer Crypts.
Thu'um in the Grotto
The Eight and One in the Hall of the Dragons
Pine Forest for the dungeon / Mines.
Call of the Mountain in the Dwemer Vault
Endless Mist in the small armory made by repo

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