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1. Description
2. Perks
3. Versions
4. Installation & Compatibility

Enhanced Smithing Tree changes dramaticaly the smithing tree progression.Perks require the generic steel, scale and plated armors' perks in order to be unlocked, instead of armor perks that have nothing to do with each other ( like dwarven requirement for orcish smthing ).

The perk tree also is no longer separated in light/heavy armor branches.All perks require directly or indirectly the Steel Smithing or Advanced Armors perks, and they're now the center of the tree.

A new perk, Preciouscraft, allows the construction of jewelry ( wich now require it to be crafted ) and silver weapons ( wich have been given tempering as well ).


Steel Forging
Construction of steel weapons and armor is no longer a challenge.Steel knowledge allows for further understanding of smithing.
- Requires: 20 smithing;
- Improves steel tempering by 50%;
- Improves iron tempering by 15%.

Dewmer Replication
Although the secret of creating dwarven metal was lost with the Dwemer, one may use the scrap metal left by the Dwemer in order to recreate their weapons and armor.The heavy weight of the metal makes Dwemer weapons more effective than weapons of harder materials.
- Requires: 30 smithing and Steel Forging perk;
- Improves dwarven tempering by 50%.

Merethic Forging
Coming mostly from raw moonstone, elven weapons and armor were mainly used by Altmer forces.The secret of crafting it was guarded by the elves, until the betrayal of Ulvul Llaren brought it to the rest of Tamriel.
- Requires: 30 smithing and Steel Forging perk;
- Improves elven tempering by 50%.

Because Silver and Gold are rare materials, blacksmiths quickly learned how to work them for profit.The creation of jewelry is an art by itself.
- Requires: 40 smithing and Steel Forging perk;
- Improves silver tempering by 50%;
- Allows creation of silver & gold jewelry as well as silver weapons.

Advanced Metallurgics
Deeper knowledge on smithing allows the creation of armor using plated and scaled techniques, as well as mixing multiple materials.
- Requires: 50 smithing and Steel Forging perk;
- Improves scaled and plated tempering by 50%.
- Improves steel tempering by 15%.

Volcanic Smithing: Malachite
Commonly found in Morrowind on the volcanic island of Vvardenfell, Glass is a sister-metal of Ebony.Bearing no relation to the common glass used in windows, Malachite is oftenly mixed with other materials to give it the right strength.
- Requires: 70 smithing and Advanced Metallurgics perk;
- Improves glass tempering by 50%.

Volcanic Smithing: Ebony
Said to be the crystallized blood of the gods, ebony is one of the hardest materials of Tamriel.It's mastery allows construction of ebony weapons and armor, and may futurely be mixed with Daedra hearts.
- Requires: 80 smithing and Advanced Metallurgics perk;
- Improves ebony tempering by 50%.

Orichalc Mastery
Famous for being used mostly by Orcs, orichalcum is melded with iron to prevent it of becoming brittle.The first orichalc weapons were used by the Yokudans during the Mythic Era.
- Requires: 50 smithing and Advanced Metallurgics perk;
- Improves orcish tempering by 50%.

Dragon Harvesting
Allows the construction of Dragon equipment through the use of dragon bones or scales.Dragon craft is extremely rare mainly due to the lack of living dragons for ages.
- Requires: 100 smithing and Advanced Metallurgics perk;
- Improves dragon tempering by 50%.

Daedric Understanding
Daedric smithing consists of the mixing of ebony, a rare and valuable metal, with the core of daedric creatures - their hearts.This form of crafting is considered legendary in all Nirn.
- Requires: 100 smithing and Volcanic Smithing: Ebony perk;
- Improves daedric tempering by 50%;
- Improves ebony tempering by 15%.


Skyrim Redone Version
This version is compatible with Skyrim Redone.All SkyRe perks were kept, as well as SkyRe's tempering system.Only perk requirements changed.
Do not use with standart version.

Dawnguard and Dragonborn versions to come.

Installation & Compatibility
For installation, simply download with NMM and use pick what you want.Magic XML power will give you options to choose.
In case you intend to manually install, do the following:
1 - Extract the zip with WinRAR;
2 - Select the esp of the version you want and put it on your Data folder at Skyrim's directory.
3 - Activate the esp with NMM, Wrye Bash or Skyrim's launcher.Done.

In case you want to uninstall ( what you don't ), just delete the files you put in there.No scripts, no bloat, no cry, no ragecomment on my mod.

This mod is incompatible with:
• Perk Overhauls ( don't even try );
• Anything that changes smithing tree;
• Mods that add temper/craft for jewelry and silver weapons ( will cause double recipes ).

Using a "incompatible" mod WILL NOT break your game.However, 2 perk tree mods may cause problems to the tree.

You can place the esp anywhere you want in your Load Order.