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Added: 11/05/2013 - 10:14PM
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Last updated at 18:16, 13 Jun 2013 Uploaded at 22:14, 11 May 2013

This mod adds:

-2 rooms to plant some ingredients
-a tower to catch some insects
-a tower with a few plants you cannot grow in a planter
-a room with a alchemy lab to store all ingredients and potions
-55 fertile soils to grow some things
-157 named satchels to store all ingredients
-62 named satchels and 2 named safes to store all kind of potions
-a room with a blacksmith forge to store your smithing items
-a room with a arcane enchanter and a few mannequins and weapon racks
-a kitchen with an oven and a pot to store your food
-a sleeping room
-15 named safes to store your smithing items
-14 mannequins to store some of your apparel
-30 weapon racks and 28 weapon plaques to store some of your weapons
-12 named satchels to store all of your soul gems

The entrance is a cave in the falkreath south of lakeview manor.

In the alchemy lab there now is a trapdoor with a key next to it.
If you have this key you can now take a shorter way (from trapdoors in the entrancehouse of the Lakeview-, Windstad- and Heljarchen Manor) to the exit hall underneath the alchemy lab.

This mod is based on some other mods I use:
(These mods are NOT required for this mod!!)

-More Plants and Recipes for Hearthfire (Dawnguard Version)
-New Dragon Species
-Blood of the Wild (Dawnguard Addon)
-NPC Hearts
-Golden Egg Treasure Hunt 1.2

This mod is also available on Steam Workshop:

If there are any bugs just leave a comment!
And please give me a feedback!