Female Skeleton Replacer by Ayame
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Added: 11/05/2013 - 08:03PM
Updated: 21/08/2014 - 10:57PM

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Just a skeleton i made for myself, that i would like to share, i'm not a modder, it's been my first try with NifSkope, so be gentle, anyway result is pretty good to me xD.

It's based on CHSBHC Skeleton and UNPB BBP Body, edited to be usable with mods like ATTT/DSpSoB/Dual Sheath Redux.


Back to the game with latest XP32 skeleton support, as always it suits my needs, so best result with katanas and those kind of weapons.


It consits of:

Better bow and quiver position;
Lower back dual daggers position (both daggers);
Left hip dual swords position (both swords);

For left dagger i've edited mace node, because i'm lazy and i don't care of it, so if you try to equip a mace you'll see it on the ground, because the node is not recognized anymore as mace place, whatever, that's it.
I did the same for second swords, i've edited axe slot.


Manual in your skyrim folder or by Nexus installer


Dual Sheath Redux or similar mods which let you equip multiple weapons


- 12/05/13 - Female Skeleton Replacer 02: added a second sword slot and moved both swords position to left hip

- 14/05/13 - Female Skeleton Replacer 02 a: little variation see file explanation
- 14/05/13 - Female Skeleton Replacer 02 b: fixed dagger texture with max weight

- 22/08/14 - Female Skeleton Replacer XPMS TBBP


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