Dragonbone Elven n Dwarven Armors by Thorne by Thorne67
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Since "I" wrote the guide on it, YES this is NMM installable. Rofl.

Ok. Basic "HOW TO" here that I learned through this...not writing a guide for it though.. if your armorsets are too "glossy" goto the associated folder and delete the "" files. If using my DDS viewer you can tell if your armor will be glossy if the N file is PINK. PINK is gloss for some reason. Light blue is neutral I think. Dunno how that works though.

I Always hated the available Dragonbone armors so I made this one. One was just this big BONE on your chest. Another was really glossy and had glowing magma...mine is a mix of bones, of course... from "different" dragons. Burnt bones, worn bones...nothing BLEACHED. Images are in the Docs Folder but are REALLY crappy.

As with ANY armor retexture project, if the author has included MESHES and TEXTURES then it's a good idea to make sure that you don't HAVE the associated meshes and texture folders for the ARMOR you are replacing already in use.

Will NOT interfere with the game or mods. Just a replacer. NO requirements needed.

Male and Female. Shield included.

I have a REALLY crappy video and laptop so MY images don't look so good. Upload some good ones if you can run on Ultra settings please. I dunno how this'll look on ultra. Thx.

Character: Dagi-Rajit
Sundracon body
Genox face mesh
Eyes of Beauty
ZX eyes
"MY" version of Celestial Hairstyles, highly edited
Apachii Skyhair, also HIGHLY edited
TairenSouls tattoos
Oriental Beauty textures... see the Akaviri Race mod for details

Many thanks and blessings to all the excellent modders and texturers out there for inspiration.
Benjamin318, Hothtrooper, Cabal120, Grace Darkling, Elaborate Textiles, Bellyache, Mysterymodder... and so many other people I've spoken with for the longest.

Blessings to all.