About this mod

Retextures all Dwarven/Dwemer -everything- to be rusty steel.

Permissions and credits

Gone is the bright bronze look. More in with the old and rusty. This is a flat out total overhaul replacer.

This retextures all Dwarven/Dwemer armor, weapons, buildings, enemies, clutter and such to be rusty steel colored.
I didn't change the Ingot much, a mostly rusty steelish bar, so it's still easily identifiable as Dwarven.
There is an optional file that adds an alternative rustier version. I wasn't sure which way looked better.

All redone Vanilla textures, using the HD where applicable. This includes newer Dwarven stuff that is in the DLCs as well.

I think I've gotten everything, or at least everything easily recognizably labeled so. I will update anything that's missing when I find it or if you report it.
If you use SMIM, be sure to grab the texture compatibility patch in the Optional Files or your clutter won't match.

Mods I've Gotten Permission to Re-Texture:
Convenient Horses - By Mitchalek
-Re-textured Dwemer Horse Armor
Static Mesh Improvement Mod (SMIM) - By Brumbek
- Re-textured Dwemer Clutter