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Create your own PERMANENT forest or garden anywhere! Reforestation allows you to magically plant trees and foliage in any piece of land. Enjoy the immersive experience of designing your own landscaped garden masterpiece within the game!

Permissions and credits
(Please READ the full description first before installing this mod for instructions)
"Sprawling across both banks of the river stood the mighty graht-oak city, with groves and orchards of lesser trees crowding it like supplicants before their king. At a lesser scale, the tree that formed the moving city would have been extraordinary: gnarled and twisted with a gorgeous crown of gold and green, dripping with vines and shining with sap." - The Bosmer city of Falinesti as described in "A Dance in Fire" Chapter 2

Have you ever wanted to make the landscape more beautiful, the fields more flowery, the forests more lush or simply decorate your player-home garden
with more flora? Now you can place any tree, foliage or plant available in Skyrim anywhere you want - as how you want them to be.
Skyrim Reforestation Project is a collection of 101 spells that will allow you to build your own forest or garden in any piece of land.
This mod gives you control on choosing and placing foliage. You'll be equipped with a comprehensive array of spells that you can use to populate the landscape with all types of trees, static flora, shrubs, flowers, ferns, and even forest clutter like dead logs, branches and tree stumps, etc.
You can combine them, cast them multiple times or even put them where you least expect them to be. Have it your way...

Any way you use the spells, you'll enjoy an immersive experience with Reforestation - it's like painting your own
landscaped garden masterpiece in Skyrim from within the game! Perfect for screenarchery.

Watch this short video to see how Reforestation works! (Thanks to MusicScene for the review)


Standard Edition (Non-Lore):
Use this version to get quick access to Reforestation spells so you can use them right away.
The spells can be acquired from two (2) easy-to-find locations:
1. All spell books can be found in the Breezehome in Whiterun inside the chest in the player's bedroom.
2. In case you don't own Breezehome yet, you can purchase the spellbooks from Farengar in the Dragonsreach for 1 septim a piece.

Lore Edition:
This version integrates the acquisition of Reforestation spells with the vanilla quest "The Blessings of Nature".
They can only be acquired from the Eldergleam Sanctuary upon completion of the quest with one of the conditions only.
To get the Quest, you have to speak with Danica Purespring in the Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun. You will be asked to get the Nettlebane and to go to the Eldergleam sanctuary. Once you get to the Eldergleam tree, you have to choose to cut the tree to extract the sap. The Reforestation spell tomes can then be looted from the treasure chest beside the Eldergleam tree. By sacrificing the Eldergleam tree, you now claim its magical ability to enhance forest growth for your own - thus you'll get the powers of the Reforestation Spells. You won't get the Reforestation spells if you chose not to cut the Eldergleam tree.

ALTERNATIVE WAY to acquire the spells/tomes
By console command (~) - this is effective but the most complicated way to acquire them. (Remember there are 101 books and 101 spells)
- Activate console and type "help reforestation" the books and spells editor IDs will appear (for example xx000800)
- for the books: type "player.additem xx000000 1" (for xx000000 input the corresponding book editor ID)
- for the spells: type "player.addspell xx000000" (for xx000000 input the corresponding spell editor ID)

Actvate a Reforestation spell - they are all under the "Alteration" school of magic.
When you cast the spell, you have to point the crosshair towards the ground AT LEAST 5 feet (1.5 meters) away from your character (or greater).
This will "summon" a nature spirit that will instantly transform into a tree or foliage.

Important Notes and Precautions on using Reforestation spells:
* Any tree, plant or foliage that you place will be permanent and persistent (they will still be there even if you exit the cell).
* Foliage and trees will follow the slope of the land so be careful not to cast them on slanted surfaces.
* All trees will use full collision properties of the meshes so be careful not to place trees on NPC navmesh paths,
in front of doors, portals and other important locations that should not be blocked.
* All flora are static, meaning they cannot be harvested for ingredients. They will be treated by the game
as static objects and not as the "real" object they represent (they are indeed just magical dupes).
* Reforestation spells will work almost anywhere - indoor or outdoor or even underwater (you have to be above the water to be able to cast it)
* There are certain areas where trees and plants cannot be placed, so when you cast a Reforestation spell on these areas,
the plant or tree will automatically be relocated to another position
* Grass objects are not included in the spells - only trees, flora , shrubs, bushes, ferns and forest clutter.

* In case you make a mistake, you can delete a "misplaced" tree or foliage by console command: activate console (~), click on the target object, then type "markfordelete". Exit the cell (fast travel somewhere else) and the object(s) will be gone when you come back.

Reforestation is fully compatible with any MOD and has no requirements (no known conflicts so far).
To install, simply extract the archive contents into your Skyrim data folder and activate the .esp file in your load order
The appearance of the trees and foliage will depend on the textures you have installed.
Works very well with any foliage overhaul/retexture mod.
For load order, it is advisable to put Reforestation in the lowest possible position.

To get the best results with Reforestation, I highly recommend that you install the below mods as well (they're not required):
Skyrim Flora Overhaul by vurt (recommended)
Grass on Steroids by skyrimaguas (recommended)
Skyrim Grassification Project by skyrimaguas (recommended)
Lush trees and Grass by opticshooter (optional tree meshes)

Version 1.0b2 Lore Edition - fixed a bug causing it to freeze on the loading screen
Version 1.0b Lore Edition
Version 1.0a Standard Edition (Non-Lore)

No part of this mod (assets and spell templates) may be used in any other mod without permission from the author
Please do not upload the files to any other site other than Nexus without permission from the author.

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