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    PLEASE do NOT private message me to get help if you're having an issue. Post a comment here and you're much more likely to get help quicker.

    Version 105.3 Notes - Released 01-26-14

    This is a minor update that tweaks a few small issues in Staadomaar as seen below. If you've already played the mission to Staadomaar, there's not much reason to update unless you just want to be using the most current version, which is always a good idea.

    - Complete overhaul of the quest objectives during the Staadomaar mission. Fixes the confusing quest pointer that was pointing to the new worldspace, but shows up on the map near Whiterun. (Must update before mission 5 begins to take effect.)
    - Adds pull chains to both sides of several doors in Staadomaar that only had a chain on one side.
    - Removes a Gas Trap that was reported to throw entries to the script log.
    - Puts collision and rubble piles in a few places where the player or NPC's could get stuck.
    - Tweaks the Roombounds and Portals in Staadomaar where there were a couple of trouble spots. (Requires a new save to take effect.)
    - Minor navmesh tweaks.

    Version 105.2 Notes - Released 12-22-13
    NOTE: New users should install V105.2. Current users of any version before V105 should also update to V105.2, but I highly advise doing so either before you decide which faction you want to guard Helgen, or after the "Changing of the Guard" quests are completed. Current users of V105 and V105.1 can update at any time with no worries.

    This update is a small but important patch to fix a few issues I found in Version 105 & 105.1 as follows:

    - Fixes Cienna's barter package that was conditioned incorrectly and could stop working.
    - Fixes an incorrect mesh path that rendered the claw display inoperable.
    - Rolund's voice files have been EQ'd again for better quality and level.
    - Fixes a couple of minor script errors.
    - Removes some superfluous scripting.
    - Cleaned with TesVedit record-by-record in every cell for a MUCH cleaner mod.
    - Removed various navmesh, cell and reference edits that were unnecessary.

    Version 105.1 Notes - Released 12-15-13
    NOTE: New users should install V105.1. Current users should also update to V105.1, but I highly advise doing so either before you decide which faction you want to guard Helgen, or after the Changing of the Guard quests are completed.

    This update includes everything in V105 below, plus the following changes:
    - Splits Staadomaar ruin into 2 cells to help those with issues of hanging up or hitting the memory cap.

    - Complete re-voice for Froki Whetted-Blade by River Kanoff including all the voice for Kyne's Sacred Trials & Haming Gets a Home.

    - Added all new guards in the Thalmor prison to help those whose games refused to respawn the cell when called to Reset.

    - Tweaks to follower packages.

    - Adds several new weapon plaques to the display room and tweaks the lighting.

    - Adds a new slot in the claw display for the Black Glass Claw found in Staadomaar.

    - Other minor tweaks you probably wouldn't notice.

    Version 105 released 10-27-13

    PLEASE do NOT private message me to get help if you're having an issue. Post a comment here and you're much more likely to get help quicker.


    No more radiant quests! - All formerly "radiant story" generated quests for Helgen's guards are now all overhauled and have custom dungeons. (see below) This means NO MORE unfilled aliases for the bosses! The new locations include:

    Staadomaar Ruin & Temple - MASSIVE Nord ruin and new worldspace by Wereta. It is in my opinion one of the most unique feeling ruins in the game, and you don't want to miss it! Yes, it's THAT good!

    Upper Embershard "Haunted" Mine - Medium sized mine with scripted "ghostly" encounters and really powerful boss. I'm really happy with how this level turned out and it was truly a team effort between myself with the basic level design and simple scripting, Yogo with his complex scripting and Wereta putting the finishing touches of clutter. Also, Piper did an incredible job with the voice for Hanna.

    Pinewatch Mine - New mine by Wereta inhabited by bandits near Pinewatch who are making weapons and gathering their forces to attack Helgen.

    Brittleshin Cavern - New custom level by Ionis the Bear added to Brittleshin Pass filled with Necromancers and Warlocks. The entire vanilla Brittleshin Pass level has been repopulated and is a lot more fun and challenging.

    Shriekwind Sanctum - Small and interesting vampire lair by Ionis the Bear added to the vanilla Shriekwind Bastion level. Like Brittleshin Pass, Shriekwind Bastion has been repopulated and plays like a different level than before.

    Skybound Crypt - Small nord ruin by Mike Hancho filled with bandits. The entire Skybound Watch exterior and interior has been filled with bandits preparing to attack Helgen. Fight your way through them to their leader and end the threat to Helgen once and for all.

    More dialog - New misc dialog for nearly all of my actors! Now they shouldn't be silent if you try to talk to them. They won't really have conversations with you, but at least they're not mute, lol.

    Cienna marriage option - Added the option to marry Cienna after you meet certain conditions. The main quest City on a Hill most be completed and Cienna must be tending her shop - NOT following you. The dialog to start the courting will NOT be valid unless she is in her shop! Cienna also must have followed you at least one time, and you must be wearing an Amulet of Mara and have talked to a priest about how to get married in Skyrim. Obviously, you cannot be married already. Once those conditions are met, you should have valid dialog to tell her you wanted to talk to her. If you're updating from an earlier version and she already spoke to you about being available to travel with you you'll have to go through that again because out of necessity I had to restart her quest.

    Joto gets a dog! - If you're clearing the new Brittleshin Cavern level with Joto for his evaluation, a stray dog will come from his hiding place and greet Joto and become his new friend. If you already evaluated Joto with one of the former radiant quests, you'll find the dog in the cavern if you go there by yourself.

    Recruit-able guards - All Independent guards are now permanent recruit-able teammates when you want them to travel with you. After you finish all of the evaluation quests, just tell them you want them to come with you and they become teammates until you dismiss them! They also have options to access their inventory items so you can change their weapons and armor.

    Haming gets a home! - Move Froki and Haming into the empty house on the hill if you wish to.

    New voice actors! - New voice actors for Balfring, Joto and Altan. Unfortunately, Mike Quinlan was not available to voice more lines for Joto's dog quest, but I found Joe MacKenzie who did an amazing job on the part! He also did the new lines for Altan, and Daniel Hodge (the awesome voice for Wiglaf) re-voiced Balfring for me.

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    hey guys i'm stuck in the quest city on a hill i apperently have to talk to valerius about some information he needs but i dont see a dialogue or quests marker for that.
  3. Feardeathstroke7
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    Hey! I need help! The guards and some other NPC`s textures is gone. How do i get them back? or should i move the mods place in the load order?
  4. MatthewR1996
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    I've got a bit of a problem. Just got to the slavery part of the quest and just left the ice cave to check the coast is clear. Got captured, screen fades to black but when is fades back in I'm stuck falling in infinity. any Idea how to solve the problem?
  5. svartekaptenen
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    Is there a way to rescue Korst without violence? I managed to talk my way down to where Korst was but some tortuer started to whine and refused to obey and then suddenly attacked me.
  6. Dachare
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    Greatings. Great mod!!! I loved to play this quest. I gladly recommend it. But something weird happened to me. From the beginnig of the adventures a squad of stormcloaks, a squad of imperial soldier (with an officer, I think is the same that appears at the start of the game) and a beggar, stayed at some places and next to the East Gate; I have already finished the quest and they are still there. I don't want to remove them but use them as guards, just for my game, only. How could I do this? I am thinking of using console commands but I don't know new Helgen's guards faction ID. Could you help me or give some guide? Thank you.
  7. actbrandnew
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    After i talk to all of the guards and kurst asks me to get the argonian to follow i can`t seem to click on the text. Argonian is training , i go to him and press E and then i can`t select the text to inform him that he needs to come with. Any fix to this ?

    SOLVED : Just quicksave and reload !
  8. Acleacius
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    Thanks again for this great mod! :)

    I'm having a bit of an issue with a CTD at a specific location. The northeast road out of Ivarstead near the Tree bridge, when coming from Lost Knife Hideout. The odd thing is it seems to be because I've completed Helgen Reborn. I've been able to start a new game without Helgen Reborn and have access to the area. I'm still trying to find if it's a conflict with another mod by using TES5Edit no luck so far. Is it possible there is a command to set the quest to final stage? I had an idea where I would make sure everything is working on a new game, then go inside a building away from Helgen and spawn the quest complete. I was hoping to test it without having to complete the whole series again, if I was forced to start a new game.

  9. hazardass
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    I just saved Korst and asked Cienna to follow me. When I give her better equipment, she doens't equip it. How do I make her use the better equipment?
  10. hazardass
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    Is it just me, or Korst sounds just like Arnold Schwarzenegger with that grating Austrian accent? ""Cmon, we've got to get back to Helgen, NOW"
    So funny!
  11. morphoplex
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    How in the world do i get rid of the graphics glitch from embershard mine?
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      Read the FAQ on the main page. Your answer is there