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Last updated at 0:25, 10 May 2013 Uploaded at 1:29, 10 May 2013


This mod was first design as a plugin for The Dark Tower, but we decided to upload it as a standalone.
This crossbow and Bolt are slightly more powerful then the Vanilla Dawnguard Crossbow and Bolt.
We also Increased it's range and reduce the gravity drop of the Dread Bolt making the set (Crossbow & Bolt)
more accurate for long shot. See the video on the mod page for all the details.

The Dread Crossbow & Dread Bolt are craftable at any forge under the steel section and do not require any
advencement in the quests of Dawnguard.(You can Craft it at any time as long as you have the Materials / Perks)


Please feel free to take any screenshots of the crossbow and/or videos, we will be happy to add them to the mod page.
The armor seen on my character in the pictures is called "dread armor" and can be found in "Reaper's Dark Tower" mod, See link below (recommended mods section)
Big thanks to Jojjo, witch this mod would not exist if it wasn't of his hard work, i'd suggest that you visit him & his other mods and show some luv.
As always enjoy the mod, and don't forget to endorse the file.


The Dark Tower by: Reaper9111
Dread Knight Weapons Set by: Jojjo
Princess of the Woods by: SydneyB
Auto Unequip Ammo by: Mitchalek
Cerwiden Smart Healer by: Mujuro
Unclaimed Delivery by: SkyrimForDaWin


Dawnguard DLC


Install using Nexus Mod Manager (NMM)
1. Download the file from Nexus
2. Select the file in the Mods tab of NMM, and click on the "Activates the selected mod" button.

Manual install
1. Extract the files of this mod to a temporary location (you can use 7zip:, to unzip them) and chek the folder structure.
2. Copy to (install folder)\Skyrim\Data\:
.- the Meshes folder
.- the Textures folder
.- the .esp if there is one in the mod.
If asked if you want to overwrite existing files say "Yes to all".

Uninstall using Nexus Mod Manager (NMM)
1. Select the file in the Mods tab of NMM, and click on the "Deactivates the selected mod" button.

Manual uninstall
1. Delete:
.- the folder \meshes\that you have previously installed.
.- the folder \Textures\that you have previously installed.
.- the .esp if there is one in the mod.


Not aplicable at this time.




Nexus Modding community
SkyrimForDaWin for the edits
Reaper9111 for the textures
Jojjo for the Dread Pieces
Lindsey Stirling for the video song
Peter Hollens for the video song

Thanks to Brodual for making a video for the mod

Thanks to Jango1 (Mack) for making a video for the mod, check out his videos here on the nexus

DO NOT REUPLOAD THIS MOD ANYWHERE, This is a Nexus Exclusive !
Contact Reaper9111 or SkyrimForDaWin for anything directly related to this mod.
Remember to ENDORSE the mod if you like it !

You can find us on Nexus as: Reaper9111 or SkyrimForDaWin
You can email Reaper IF we don't reply to your message on Nexus: [email protected]