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This mod changes how stats (health, magicka, stamina) are handled. Instead of being arbitrarily assigned at levelup, it is modified by the player's skills in an indirect manner.

Permissions and credits
Alternate Stat System

  • What is it?

With the vanilla system, it is possible for a mage with maxed magic skills to only have 100 mana, which is rather silly. Instead of having HMS be determined by an often arbitrary decision on the level up interface, this mod causes these stats to be determined by the skills of the player.

  • How do skills influence stats?

All skills influences stats, just in different ways. Restoration skills will give a small boost in strength as well as the expected increase in willpower. Those who block with shields have to be quick and strong thus giving some bonuses to both dexterity and strength.

  • Strength? Dexterity? What?

As a middleman between stats, all skills influence the 6 possible secondary stats, which then go on to influence health, magicka, and stamina. These stats are Strength, Dexterity, Endurance, Intelligence, Willpower, and Personality. In earlier editions of the mod, these stats actually did something (weapon speed, crit chance for example). These will be readded in the future.

  • Requirements

To use this mod, you MUST HAVE SKYUI (and thus SKSE). Why does it need SkyUI? Well the mod is enabled via MCM and the player’s secondary stats are displayed there as well. You can customize the Mod via the MCM menu.

If you don’t like the mod then you can “uninstall it” via the MCM menu, which will stop this mod’s scripts from running and provide a clean save game once you uninstall. You can then use the console to reset your stats to whatever you choose.

  • Compatibility & Issues

This mod is compatible with most mods. Uncapper, Skyre, CCO, Ethereal Elven Overhaul, whatever.

It is NOT compatible with however,

These mods that change the base HMS and conflict with what this mod does. Mods that use previously unused Actor Values will be incompatible in the future.

There is one issue, I cannot disable the “You have leveled up! Choose an attribute!” on the skill page when you go and distribute your perk points. Whatever stat you pick on that page gets canceled out by this mod as you run around. If anyone knows how to disable the message please contact me :D

  • Thanks

WillieSea @ TesAlliance
SkyUI Team
Contributors to the Creation Kit Wiki