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Mead Keg Backpack

"Who needs fancy magic or sneaking about when you can strap a keg of mead to your back and hit things with a big metal stick."


Version 1.2
  • Fix for Nord vampires.

Version 1.1
  • Now using separate Hi-res textures.


A Skyrim recreation of the Inn League Survival Pack from Lord of the Rings Online, made from vanilla Skyrim resources. The backpacks adds 100 points of carry weight.

Made out of bits from:
  • Mead Keg
  • Wooden Chair
  • Practice Dummy
  • Tankards
  • Blacksmith Hammer
  • Torch Sconce
  • Money bag

The keg backpack is craftable at the forge in the Iron section, requires 10 firewood, 8 leather strips, 4 iron ingots, 2 tankards, 1 blacksmith hammer. (If you're stuck for hammers, there's some lying around inside the blacksmith shop in Solitude.)


Drop the .esp and .bsa into the Skyrim data directory, or use NMM.


Uses slot 47, like all the other backpack mods.

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