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SONNYSPAK and MudCrabKing

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This mod replaces most of the vanilla "Unique" weapons in Skyrim.

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November 2016 update - Hi all, I am planning on porting this mod over to the Special Edition. Will try and include a couple bows we made and my personal favorite model MCK came up with, Stormfang. I'll add an update here to let everyone know that the new version is available. Cheers guys.

(give me a couple weeks due to busy schedule. I have tried to find time on a few occasions to update this with our new weapons and I actually did get an update put together at one point but my laptop at the time died and I lost it. I have found a few unreleased models in my google drive and dropbox though, stormfang, angi's bow, bow of the hunt and froki's bow. will go back through our spreadsheet and see if there's anything else I can add.)

v1.2 Fixed some of the Dual Sheath Redux sheaths. Models are alot smoother. Fixed Staff of the Hags Wrath (weird shading). Updated Aegisbane with our original model. Updated dragonbane with a new model. Updated Bolars Oathblade (removed gemstone at the bottom) Check the images to see the changes.
You can download Dual Sheath Redux here.

This mod is fully supported by Model Manager by GrimyBunyip. You can now use this mod alongside mods that also modify the unique weapons. For example, if you have a mod that makes dragonbane do 10x damage, but you also want to use our custom model, you can! Or if you want to combine our mod with Insanity's, then Model Manager also does that with ease. Check out the mod page for more info. (I did not do any work in Model Manager. All credit goes to GrimyBunyip for supporting our mod.)

This mod aims to give a unique model to all of the "unique" weapons that didn't already have one. I have never understood why most of the unique weapons in Skyrim were just plain, old, everyday weapons with a special enchantment. Here's a complete list of the weapons that this mod replaces:

Bolar's Oathblade
Borvir's Dagger
Eye of Melka
Gadnor's Staff
Gauldur Blackblade
Halldir's Staff
Notched Pickaxe
Poachers Axe
Red Eagles Bane
Red Eagles Fury
Rundi's Dagger
Staff of Jyrik Gauldurson
Staff of the Hags Wrath
The Blade of Sacrifice
The Longhammer
The Pale Blade
The Woodsman's Friend
Valdr's Lucky Dagger

If you are a reviewer, or you just want to check out some of the new models straight away, there is a chest containing all of the weapons. The item ID is xx001845 (where xx is, put the files load order. Or, alternatively, you can use the console to type "help MCKUniqueTestChest" and you will get the ID directly from the console)
If you like our mod, don't forget to leave an endorsement!

Note; There may be a few unfinished weapons like the briarheart geis in the chest. Please ignore these.

Also please refrain from putting harmful comments, if you dislike our models and do not want them then don't download nor comment. We are not high quality modelers, we do what we can and try our best. But as always, CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is welcome.

Thanks to Brodual for this great review!

Q: Does this mod require any DLC?
A: No, you don't need any DLC for this mod to work.

Q: Does this mod work with the DLC's?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I use this alongside InsanitySorrow's mod?
A: Yes, I recommend downloading Model Manager by GrimyBunyip. Or you could just make sure Insanity's mod is below this one in your load order.

Q: Does this work with other mods that change the unique weapons?
A: Again, yes, I recommend downloading Model Manager by GrimyBunyip. Otherwise, sorry. You're out of luck.

Q: Can you make a unique model for "Weapon Name"
A: If it is a unique weapon, then yes! If we missed any, please let us know.

Q: Will you guys do Unique Weapons Redone for Dawnguard and Dragonborn?
A: We are working on it.

Q: Can I do a translation of your mod?
A: Please contact me first.

MudCrabKing - Main Author
SONNYSPAK - Main Author
Urwy - Red Eagles Bane and Red Eagles Fury meshes and textures.
ImsumDave - Windshear meshes and textures.
thewingedloke - Original Okin and Eduj glow maps. (the glow maps have been modified)
Rudyard - Bolar's Oathblade texture.

All files in this mod are used with permission, obtained directly from the original file authors.