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As a resource, Two types of animated animal ears for modders

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These were made out of a request. These are a resource, not a part of an existing mod.

I have however added a plugin that will add them to all race, under the facial hair slot. Be warned.

Two kinds of Animal ears, one that goes from the side, and another that goes on top. They have Tri Files to go with them, which means they move according to expressions. Works for both male and female.

Free for use by any modders, no permission needed, just give credit.

How To use?
Open up the creation kit, create a head part, set it to either MISC or Facial hair (other slots may also work, only tested on those though.) After that set the model under model, make sure the Tri file is the one of the same name. On the side there will be a drop down to select the form list of the race, set it to the appropriate head parts of your race. Look up how to add parts to existing races elsewhere.

Note that some of the expression are a little buggy or not very good, though I will work to update the Tri files over time. If someone else who has a better understanding of Tri can help out, then please let me know (Or send me your fixes).