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This is a companion module for DSAMG - Dragon Soul Absorb More Glorious. The main page was getting a bit cluttered with files, so I decided to upload the Dragonborn compatibility patches to a brand new file.

These are patches to make the four animations introduced in DSAMG work with the Dragonborn DLC. Download these instead of the ones on the DSAMG main page.

[size=10]New! 2.0[/size] If you use music from DSAMG, download one of the main files. If not, download one of the old files.

[size=10]DISCLAIMER: Do not download if you don't have Dragonborn![/size]

Also, a frequent source of error that is independent of my mod relates to the Unofficial Skyrim Patch. This needs to come BEFORE the Unofficial Dragonborn Patch in load order, or you won't be able to absorb dragon souls at all.

A little about the mod:

"Contrary to what is portrayed in Skyrim trailers and demos, in game dragon killing is pretty anti-climactic due to an unsatisfying, unemotional dragon soul absorb process. DSAMG's goal is to infuse some glory into dragon soul absorbing by introducing epic music and epic animations that reflect the magnitude of the occasion."

For the music component, go to the main file (link at the bottom).


2.0 script + better evil music update - WARNING - SPOILERS!

Ascension v2 (1.0)

Greybeard (1.0)
This was filmed with an old version. Now you bow after standing up.

Ritual spell (1.0)
This was filmed with an old version. He no longer throws his arms down.

Ritual skull (1.0)
Finally ended up filming ritual skull. This is the Dragonborn version!

For more detailed information, see main mod page below.

DSAMG - Dragon Soul Absorb More Glorious

Also check out Groovtama's spin off mod, which brings animations to word walls.

WWLMG - Word Wall Learning More Glorious