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Belt-Fastened Quivers repositions quivers and crossbow bolts in order to be more "backpack friendly" for the player and all NPCs. The position is similar to the quiver location in Dark Souls.

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Update 1.3 - 9/26/2015 - Updated to include mounted draw animation. Thanks, Ninivekha!

Belt-Fastened Quivers
repositions quivers and crossbow bolts in order to be more "backpack friendly" for the player and all NPCs. It also makes minor modifications to the placement of bows and crossbows in order to avoid as much clipping as possible using this new position, while still trying to draw bows and quivers closer to the body than the default placement. This file modifies the placement of quivers, crossbow bolts, bows, and crossbows for all vanilla races and sexes.

Now includes new arrow drawing animations courtesy of Ninivekha! The animation matches the new quiver location when standing, sneaking, and riding a horse.

While it wasn't intended at the time, the visual design is similar to that of Dark Souls' quiver location.

This file was originally intended as an optional add-on for Frostfall users. However, it was so well-received by itself on Steam Workshop that I decided to make it its own file here so it can be easily tracked.

This is a skeleton replacer for all races and sexes. It also includes a modification to two bolt quiver meshes from Dawnguard, in order for them to mount properly using the new quiver bone locations. Dawnguard is not required. Finally, it includes replacement .hkx files for arrow drawing when standing and sneaking.

Skeleton Replacer Users

Some combined skeletons were created by Skulltyrant to combine Belt-Fastened Quivers with things like Realistic Ragdolls and Force, Dual Sheath plus Shields on Back, and so on. However, these are currently made from Belt-Fastened Quivers 1.0. If you use one of the above skeleton replacers, please wait for Skulltyrant (or someone else; this mod is free to redistribute and modify) to create a new version based off of 1.2.

No, I will not make a version for your favorite skeleton replacer (see below). There are simply too many of them and I have decided to only personally support the default vanilla skeleton.

What To Expect (Expectation Management)

This mod is provided as-is, no requests. I will not be modifying it based on requests. If you do not like the way this has been positioned, you need to learn how to use NifSkope and change it yourself.

Clipping should be expected and is unavoidable, and is dependent on several factors, including your race, sex, and worn armor which can change body posture. However, I am pleased with the results, and I hope you will be too. Eliminating all clipping from all armor from all sexes and all races with all quivers and all cloaks is 100% impossible. If your favorite quiver clips badly with your favorite armor when playing with your favorite race / sex combination, you have my condolences. Some combinations are definitely better than others.

The problem is that small changes to the skeletons can have very large effects. Making one thing look good might make 10 other things look terrible. Working on this is essentially an exercise in coming up with the best set of compromises possible.

To help illustrate my point, see these images.

Here we have a Nord wearing Steel Armor, a Fur Cloak from Frostfall, a Daedric bow, and Dwarven arrows. On the left is a female. Looks pretty good, right? On the right however, we switched the Nord to male. Now, the quiver sticks out a bit. However, since the quiver on the male looks pretty good for a large number of other cases, I would be hesitant to change this.

Some quivers and crossbow bolts will float slightly. Probably less than they do in vanilla. This is also unavoidable. Here we have a Nord in Elven armor with some crossbow bolts.

Look at how bad that floating is! Chesko, lrn 2 mod! etc. Now, let's take a look at the same thing, but in Steel Armor.

See that? Barely any floating. What this means is that fixing the problem with Elven Armor would cause the bolts to go inside you for Steel Armor. These are the constraints that I'm working under, and I thought it would be helpful to be up front to you about what to expect. Under the current system, this is the best that can be hoped for. Little tweaks and improvements may be made over time, but they will be minor.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Please see the ReadMe link at the top of this page, which looks like this:
, for a full read-me. Read this before asking a question that I have probably already answered. Thank you.

"What are the requirements to install this?" Skyrim. That's it.

"Is this compatible with my favorite arrow mod / SkyRe / etc?" Probably, yes. Skeleton replacers are incompatible. For anything else, just give it a spin and let me know if you see anything strange.

Quiver / arrow textures: are safe to replace.
Quiver / arrow meshes: are safe to replace.
Crossbow bolt textures: are safe to replace.
Crossbow bolt quivers: are NOT safe to replace and will cause a conflict whereby they float away from you.

"Is my favorite custom race mod supported?" That depends on whether or not that race uses the default skeleton.nif, skeletonbeast.nif, skeleton_female.nif, or skeletonbeast_female.nif. If not, then no.

"My crossbow bolt sticks out away from my body really, really far." You are using a mod that also overwrites the bolt meshes from Dawnguard. Or, you are using a mod with a custom crossbow bolt quiver mesh. Tell me which crossbow bolt you are using.

"The quivers still appear in the same place." You are using another mod that replaces the default character skeletons. Find out which one it is, and stop using it if you would like to use this mod. OR, you are using a custom race which uses a custom skeleton instead of the ones that I have modified for the vanilla races. These are the only reasons this error can occur.

"When will you update to include the bolts added by Dragonborn?" Trick question. Dragonborn didn't add any crossbow bolts. Strangely I've been asked this several times, so I'm not sure what the source of the confusion is. Dawnguard is the only DLC that adds crossbow bolts, and they have all been accounted for.