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"Watch the skies, traveler."
- Hold Guards

And now you'll have something to watch too.
I decided the skies above Skyrim were bland, despite the occasional aurora.

This is where Horizon of Dreams comes in.

No better way to add some shine and magic to the sky than make a bunch of space clouds circle the planet,
as if Aetherius, the plane of raw magic, flooded through the stars into Mundus.
And now finally the sky truly is a Horizon of Dreams, as it should be.

"So what exactly is this "Horizon of Dreams"?" - The technical stuff.

Horizon of Dreams is a texture replacer for some textures visible in the Skyrim night sky.
The first version was out a long while back, and now I've redone it from the very beginning;
stuff has been adjusted to work better and display more colour, and the alpha channel received some special love,
so to make the new textures blend better. As an addition, I've also added all new moon textures.

The specific textures changed are and all the moon phases (masser_full, masser_three_wan, secunda_full, etc, etc.)
The is 6144x3072 pixels and all the moon textures are 1024x1024 pixels, any larger than this and there would be no beneficial effect on quality at all,
so these are pretty much as HD as they can go. A smaller (2048x1024) version of is provided in a separate download.
The two parts; galaxy and the moons, can very well be installed separately if you would like to do so,
so no one is forced to use both.

"So how do I get it to work?" - The installation.

Installing the mod is quite simple:

Extract the contents of the compressed package into your "Skyrim\Data"-folder, overwrite if asked.
If only installing the nebula / space gases /, do not extract any of the textures beginning with "masser" or "secunda".

If for some reason you would like to uninstall the textures:

Remove, and all the DDS files beginning with "masser" or "secunda" from your "Skyrim\Data\Textures\Sky"-folder,
or simply overwrite with another textures you would like to use.

"So I'd like to axe you a question..." - The FAQ.

Q - "Will this work with [insert mod here]?"
A - Horizon of Dreams should be compatible with anything you might have, in fact, Climates of Tamriel and Project ENB are recommended!

Q - "I don't like the new moon textures / the new, what should I do?"
A - Refer to the installation instructions and only install whichever you want.

Q - "May I give you constructive criticism?"
A - Certainly, critisism and improvement suggestions are welcome. Do keep it polite though.

Q - "Are you really a moose?"
A - "There always exists a possibility I am, I wouldn't know though."

"So how's the mod been developing?" - The version history.

1 - 1.0 - The initial release.

2 - I changed the name, 'cause I'm an indecisive idiot and absolutely suck at naming stuff.

"So who made this possible?" - The credits.

A great, big thanks for Hubble archives, where the stellar spire can be found.

A thank you also to the digital world of internet, where there are many nice reference pictures to be found.

A ginormous thank you to Bethesda, for bringing us this greatly modifiable game called Skyrim, and providing additional tools to mod it.

A tiny, teeny thanks for me, and a stellar thank you for you, the Nexus community, for hosting these mods and uniting modders and mod users under one site.

"So what can I do with this mod?" - The legal stuff.

You may not redistribute this mod nor any parts of it without my permission, and especially not on Steam.
You may edit this mod to your liking, and post updates for it after a permission has been received from me.
Even if I were to give a permission to redistribute the mod, under no circumstances should you call it your own.