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SAVS - Skyrim Almost Vanilla Saves

***** SAVS is an ongoing project *****


Many play Skyrim for hundreds of hours (I've just recently passed the 1000 hour mark!), creating many characters to play different quest lines (good-aligned characters would have a difficult time justifying assassinations for example), the many play styles for each of those characters (as in DB quest line, an evil-aligned character would be fine with that), and finally there are ten different races to choose from! . This often creates a messy pile of glitch-filled save games and hundreds more hours of frustration. Playing as just one character has never made sense to me anyway.

The main issue, however, is the heavy use of mods! At any given point, there may be two hundred mods in my active rotation. Couple that with continuous mod downloading (so many great mods out there!), installing, removing, testing... I reinstall Skyrim every few months. I rarely play with the same set and so this has created a seemingly unending cycle of restarts. Hundreds of hours lost to rebuilding save games. No longer!

In my quest to live as stress-free a life as possible, I've created vanilla-ish clean saves at various points to get me back in the game with an appropriate head-start. A few minutes using showracemenu, a quick restart of the game, making any further adjustments such as levelling up (saves are kept at level one, but levelling up will take you to around level 10-12), wait/sleep indoors for 31 days to let the world respawn (mod for that)... Voila! Back in the fray!

So, there you have it! A way to save countless hours of frustration, leaving you with more time for your family and friends. Significant others everywhere will breathe a sigh of collective relief as their Skyrim-loving loved ones have more time for real life... or more time to enjoy the open-world wonders of Skyrim. Ahem. Whatever.

SAVS Characters

As there are ten races and two genders, twenty save games are required to minimize the potential use of console commands such as ShowRaceMenu (which can reset trained skills upon race change for example). Each character will have a short background and a certain order of quests, customized slightly for each personality with traits and 'class' (Oblivion-style - simply makes it easier to distinguish between so many active characters). Lore-friendly names used (mostly). Most will also worship or at least be most receptive to the teachings of one of the Eight (Nine) Divines. Essentially, I'll perhaps keep a pseudo-D&D character sheet/journal updated on each of the characters. This means dozens of save game files... could be a great many! The Roster is included in the download archive.

*** see SAVS Roster available from articles section

SAVS Files

00 - The Basics (Version 0.1)
01 - Early Factions (Version 0.2)
02 - Real Estate (Version 0.3)
03 - Further into the fray (Version 0.4)
04 - Fall to the Daedra Side (Version 0.5)
05 - Evil... or Madness (Version 0.6)

*** see SAVS Progression from articles section


All Unofficial patches required!
Unofficial Skyrim Patch
Unofficial Dawnguard Patch
Unofficial Hearthfire Patch
Unofficial Dragonborn Patch
Unofficial High Resolution Patch

All Skyrim DLC including High Res pack required!
Latest version of Skyrim as of March 2013 (1.9??)

Installation (manual install only)

Extract archive (7-zip) to folder (or open archive and select SAVS file to use directly).
Copy SAVS file to your save game folder (usually located the 'My Games/Skyrim/Saves' folder).
Run Skyrim, load save!

*NMM won't be supported unless it can touch the save game folder. For now, manual install!

Compatibility Notes

Mods that require a new game may not be compatible with SAVS