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Adds sleep animations instead of just the dull sleep menu

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This is my attempt at making beds better in Skyrim. What this plugin does is:
  • Makes the dovahkiin walk up to and get into the bed before falling asleep.
  • Makes the dovahkiin get out of the bed after waking up.
  • With optional undressing settings.

The following videos by insane0hflex (svaalbard) and LiveStyleGaming (Preykousis) do a much better job at introducing the mod than any description:

The following options can be configured in the mod's MCMenu:
  • None
  • Comfortable: Unequips your weapons, hat, boots, gloves and most clothing except jewelry and body armor.
  • Clothing: Similarly to comfortable, but randomly selects a normal clothing from your inventory and equips that in place of your body armor.
  • Nude: as expected

Note: When first enabling any sleepwear, you will be forced to unequip all of your items for the dressing script to initialize.

Snooze Duration:
The time spent in bed before getting up. If set to 0, you will stay in bed until you activate it manually.

Spouse Enabled:
This will get your spouse to go sleep with you as well. It is a bit awkward with the way skyrim AI works, because one bed can only be used by one actor at a time. This means that at first your spouse will simply go to your bed, and patiently wait until you get in, only after that will he/she undress and start getting to bed. Due to this, falling asleep is delayed quite a bit and you're forced to wait through all these animations. Also note that AI pathing can be messy and your spouse may teleport around the bed at points. Due to all these things, it is disabled by default.

Followers Enabled:
This will get your followers to go into sandbox mode while you sleep. Unfortunately this varies between followers, some of them will sit down/cook/do whatever stuff they want in the near vicinity of your house. Others however may decide to travel to their own homes, even though the sandbox package is a custom one that should prevent such things. If you encounter the latter behaviour, just disable it to your preference.


Skyrim Script Extender 1.6.13 or newer. Alpha version is not recommended
SkyUI 3.4


  • Make sure your current save is not anywhere close to a bed.
  • Download and activate with NMM or..
  • Download manually, extract and copy all the files to InstallDir/DATA

  • Open the MCMenu and check uninstall. Then wait in game-mode until you get a notification that the mod has been uninstalled. If you're next to a bed, try activating it to make sure the mod is uninstalled properly.
  • Remove the mod files with NMM or manually, depending on your choice of install.

Should you ever encounter your bed not working, and uninstall not fixing it, creating a clean save and reinstalling will re-enable the bed for Immersive Beds - after which you can safely uninstall it as described above.

  • 0.90 -> 1.00: While you can update on the fly, it is strongy suggested to create a clean save first (see uninstall instructions), otherwise your papyrus log will be spammed with a bunch of script warnings.
  • 1.00 -> 1.01: You can update on the fly, no save cleaning required.

FAQ and Known Issues

Q: Load order?
A: Wherever you like.

Q: Will this work with Frostfall?
A: Yep.

Q: Will this work with Realistic Needs and Diseases?
A: Yep.

Q: Will this work with Sands of Time?
A: Yep, but you will need to disable sleep animations in Sands of Time.

Q: Will this work with <insert mod name here>?
A: Yep.

Q: Will this screw up the dark brotherhood questline?
A: Nope.

Q: I woke up in my underwear after being kidnapped in my sleep by the dark brotherhood.
A: Works as intended.

Q: Are beds in official DLCs supported?
A: Yep, but Hearthfire will only work if you have Dawnguard as well, because those coffins lack a proper animation. Make sure you use the Optional Hearthfire-Dawnguard patch for them.

Q: Will my spouse sleep with me?
A: Yep, detailed info and glitchy behaviour is explained in the description section.

Q: Will my followers sleep with me?
A: No, they will hovewer go into sandbox and do something productive while you sleep.

Q: When quickly running up to a bed and activating, I get a normal sleep menu.
A: Don't rush it, the script needs a little time to update.

Known Issue: When using sleepwear while having enchanted armor or weapons equipped, the enchantments do not properly apply after re-equipping. This issue has been resolved with SKSE 1.6.14 or above.

Known Issue: When activating a bed, your character may need a second or such before actually starting to go to bed. Do not spam activate during this time, unless you're sure the command was ignored.

Known Issue: When sleeping on double beds, you may wake up on a different side than you fell asleep.

Known Issue: When going to bed, you may be slightly disoriented from the bed, depends on how madly you turn around the camera during the animation, but you can roleplay as being extremely tired.

Known Issue: When going to bed, your screen is supposed to fade to black, but it doesn't, and you see your character spazz out of the bed. This is reported as an incompatibility with ENB. -> Beta fix available on downloadpage!


  • The SKSE Team.
  • ElminsterAU, Zilav and Sharlikran for TES5Edit.
  • meh.


This mod requires SKSE, which is currently in Beta. You may need to update SKSE at some future date.

This file is provided as is and the author holds no responsiblity for anything that may come to happen from using this file.