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Adds Hamvir, a ghost follower, to Hamvir's Rest.

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This mod was a request at the Nexus forums for a 'translucent' follower. You will find this nice guy at Hamvir's Rest, a tomb located between Whiterun and Morthal.

He carries a Drainblood Battleaxe and Bow, which I feel fit his theme and skills of a two-handed warrior, and has several ghostly perks, including Light Foot so he won't trigger pressure plates, Silence, Muffled Movement, and a ghost-only skill that will let him take only half damage from any attacks. He is also essential. I didn't check to see how it would look like if you gave him armor, but I figure there should be no problem. Do let me know how it goes!

His original voice type would not allow for him to become a follower, so I had to change it. He sounds like a regular person now, and I think it makes him livelier. (HEH GET IT?)

To install, place the files in your 'SteamSteamAppsCommonSkyrimData' folder. Then activate the mod through your preferred launcher by ticking the checkbox next to the esp.