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This ESP flags EbonyArmor,FalmerArmor, NordplateArmor, SteelArmor, WolfArmor ,HeavyFalmerArmor and NordicCarvedArmor to show an equipped amulet. It\'s meant to be an addition to skimpy armor replacer where an amulet isn\'t covered by a breastplate.

Permissions and credits

This is just a small modification. It flags the EbonyArmor, FalmerArmor, NordplateArmor, SteelArmor and WolfArmor to show an equipped amulet.

New MainFiles:

AllArmorsShowAmulets version2 (I fixed the FalmerArmor, thanks to the user Nemesis03 for the info)
HeavyFalmerArmorShowsAmulet (Dawnguard DLC)
NordicCarvedArmorShowsAmulet (Dragonborn DLC)
AllArmorsShowAmuletsComplete (Vanilla+Dawnguard DLC+Dragonborn DLC)

Why just the HeavyArmor and the NordicCarvedArmor from the DLC's?
I found no other armor which is flagged not to show amulets.

It's meant to be an addition to skimpy armor replacer where an amulet isn't covered by a breastplate.

This will affect female armors as well as male armors, so some clipping of an amulet and an armor might be possible.
If I have missed something please let me know and I try to fix it.

You can easily install this with the ModManager(of course you can also install it manually).
Deactivate it with the ModManager(or manually delete the file zzzAllArmorsShowAmulets.esp)

About the mod:
I'm quite sure there was released a similar mod, but I didn't find it so I've done this myself.
If someone can tell me that this mod still exists I'm willing to remove my mod.

Under Miscellaneous you can download the amulet from the Screenshot.
Open the archive and read the ReadIt.txt!

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