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It's my level 1 vampire save game.Character's name is Ken and he is a nord vampire.I only do Unbound quest in this save game, so there are many quest to do as a vampire.There are 4 levels in vampire mode, his vampire level is 2.When you're level 4 vampire everyone will attack you.You must drink blood for make your vampire level lower.You can drink someone's blood when they're sleeping, like a pickpocket or if you have a Dawnguard DLC, you can find blood potion (or whatever it's calling) in Volkihar castle.You don't need any mod for play this save game.

Just copy "Save 10 - Ken Skyrim 01.10.06.ess" file into "Documents/My Games/Skyrim/Saves" folder for play it.

[His Inventory] (125/300)
[Weapons] : Iron Arrow (21), Iron Mace, Iron Sword, Iron War Axe, Long Bow
[Apparel] : Belted Tunic, Footwraps, Fur Boots, Fur Gauntlets, Hide Shield, Imperial Light Armor, Imperial Light Boots, Imperial Light Helmet, Iron Helmet, Iron Shield, Novice Hood, Novice Robes, Ragged Robes, Ring of Minor Illusion, Roughspun Tunic, Stormcloak Cuirass
[Potions] : Frostbite Venom (5), Potion of Minor Healing (8), Potion of Minor Magicka (5), Potion of Minor Stamina
[Food] : Alto Wine (5), Black-Briar Mead, Bread (2), Cabbage (12), Carrot (2), Eidar Cheese Wedge, Grilled Leeks, Honningbrew Mead (2), Nord Mead, Pheasant Breast, Raw Rabbit Leg (3), Red Apple, Sack of Flour (2), Wine (2)
[Ingredients] : Bear Claws, Blue Mountain Flower (7), Bone Meal (3), Butterfly Wing (2), Elves Ear, Frost Mirriam, Garlic (2), Mora Tapinella (3), Purple Mountain Flower (3), Red Mountain Flower (14), Salt Pile (6), Skeever Tail (2), Spider Egg (7), Thistle Branch (8)
[Books] : Brief History of the Empire, v1, Brief History of the Empire, v2, Mixed Unit Tactics, The Book of the Dragonborn
[Keys] : Helgen Keep Key
[Misc] : Amethyst, Bear Pelt, Iron Ingot, Lockpick (6)

Vampire Powers
1 - Vampire Sight
2 - Champion of the Night
3 - Night Stalker's Footsteps
4 - Resist Poison
5 - Resist Frost
6 - Vampiric Drain
7 - Vampire's Servant
8 - Resist Disease
9 - Vampire Seduction (Only For Level 2, 3 And 4 Vampires)
10 - Embrance of Shadows (Only For Level 4 Vampires)

Vampire Harms
1 - Weakness to Sunlight
2 - Weakness to Fire
3 - Blood-Starved Vampire (Only For Level 4 Vampires)

If you have Dawnguard DLC, you can be Vampire Lord.
If you have Dawnguard DLC, you can use Vampire's Seducation spell to drink blood from someone even they're awake.

I Hope You Like It :)
Have Fun :)