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Adds 250+ spells to midas magics system. Spells meshes are beams, custom creatures, scripted spells, custom effects, bolts, storms, and more! Spell Meshes are custom!!! :)
From tsunimas to walls of winds, or even burn your targets in brimstone or fire tornados or even wabbajack your targets or posses a army of thralls from t

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Adds 250+ spells to midas magics system. Spells meshes are beams, custom creatures, scripted spells, custom effects, bolts, storms, and more! Spell Meshes are custom!!! :)
From tsunimas to walls of winds, or even burn your targets in brimstone or fire tornados or even wabbajack your targets or posses a army of thralls from the ones you killed. Or use restoration or illusion to kill your targets.
Midas magic is NOT needed. And it does not replace old midas magic. Advanced Aurum Reactor is at winterhold college in the Arcanaena and the cheat chest is hidden in riverwood TRADER.

A vendor is now in the winterhold college archmage qaurters plz keep in mind hes a WIP. PRICES WILL RAISE EVERY UPDATE UNTIL ITS DONE TESTING. BUY SPELLS SOON FOR A DISCOUNT.

Spell list
Midas Force Beam
Midas Pull Beam
Midas Force Ball
Midas Arcane Burst
Midas Arcane Beam
Midas Arcane Missiles
Midas Arcane Blast
Midas Arcane Burst
Midas Acid Arrow
Midas Light Arrow
Midas Posion Cloud
Midas Posion Beam
Midas Prism Beam
Midas DeathRay
Midas Death Bolt
Midas Leap
Midas Transmute Gold
Midas Explosive Bolt
Midas Explsoive Storm
Midas Vulcan
Midas Magma Beam
Midas Holy Blaze
Midas Teletarget
Midas Polymorphic Random
Midas Spell Cloak
Midas Summon Ghost Warlord
Midas Summon Undead King
Midas Summond Skeleton Horde
Midas Smoke Spray
Midas Plasma Beam
Midas Plasma Rupture
Midas Plasma Ball
Midas Magic Beam
Midas Magic Artilley
Midas Magic Foutian
Midas Fire Missles
Midas Ring of Fire
Midas Circle of Death
Midas Comet
Midas Comet Storm
NEW PERK: Unimited Souls: allows you to summon skeleton horde and anything else with a infite amount. Requires 100 conjuration.
v2 added spells
Midas Water Walking
Midas Water Spray
Midas Greater Bug Spray
Midas Hellfire
Midas Bound Mace
Midas Bound Greatsword
Midas Bound War Axe
Midas Bound Warhammer
Midas Stop Time
Midas Ghostly Visage
Midas Shadow Form
Midas Call Storm
Midas Call Meteor Rain
Midas Pebble Blast
Midas Bound Ghost Warhammer
Midas Bound LifeBane
Midas Summon Spirit Warrior
Midas Summon Shadow
Midas Water Burst: desciprtion of spell is glitched
Midas Holy Fury
Midas Disarm: Buggy
Midas Plasma Cloud
Midas Astral Stream
Midas Astral Mass Ray
Midas Tar Blast
Midas SpiderWeb
Midas Bound Fireball Staff
Midas Cursed Flame
Midas Wind Fury
Midas Mass Lightning Storm
Midas Force Fury
Midas Lightning Fury
Midas Molten Spray
Midas Dovahkiin Armor
Midas Rock Spike: now works
Midas Bound Astral Staff
Midas Bound Dragon Staff
Midas OakFlesh: Custom armor effect
Midas StoneFlesh:
Midas IronFlesh:
Midas EbonyFlesh:
Midas Dragons Flesh:
Midas Absorbment Channel
Midas Terra Ward
Midas Dispel: for those having probelms with stop time.
Midas Summon Atronach Horde
Midas Summon Fire Elemental
Midas Bound Arrow Volley
Midas Fast Forward
Midas Rock Spike Volley
Midas Water Cloak
Midas Summon Arcane Elemental
Midas Oblivion Rune
Midas Aura Blast
Midas Icy Flame
Midas Telekenic Force
Midas Detonation
Midas Blade Missile
Midas The Rein of Stars
Midas Ice Burst
Midas Acid Ball
Midas Predatory Vision
Midas Freeze Ray
Midas Sun Rune
Midas Sun Beam
Midas Sun Sphere
Midas Brimstone Blast
Midas Shadow Rune
Midas Shadowy Rage
Midas Shadow Shroud
Midas Spirtual Aura
Midas Spirt Bomb
Midas Tsunima
Midas Aqumancers Barrage
Midas Wind Wall
Midas Ventusmancers Wrath
Midas Cyclone inferno
Midas Posses Thrall
Midas Tornado
Midas Ash Ball
Midas Arrow Volley
Midas Thunder
Midas Volcano
Midas Summon Tree Spirt
Midas Summon Spriggan Marton
Midas Spriggan Cloak
Midas Shockwave
Midas Posses Army
Midas Ride in the Gales
Midas Elemental Cloak
Midas Elemental Bolt
Midas Elemental Break
Midas Disquise
Midas Chromancers Cloak
Midas Auriels Wrath
Midas Blood Bend
Midas Vitality Well
Midas Cursed Flame Inferno
Midas Crushing Stones
Midas Blade Storm
Midas Curse
Midas Crusade
Midas Time Rip
Midas Ragnorak( warning this spell destroys the world)
Midas Twilight Scorch
Midas Twilight Eruption
Midas Twilight Surge
Midas Twilight Shroud
Midas Force Maddess
Midas Tree Barrier
Midas Nature Orb
Midas Brimstone Cloak
Midas Force Push Charge
Midas Force Pull Charge
Midas Bound Katana
Midas Bound Armor
Midas Bound Helmet
Midas Bound Boots
Midas Bound Shield
Midas Bound Gauntlet
Midas Dawn of Twilight
Midas Summon Dwarven Centurion
Midas Summon Dwarven Sphere
Midas Summon Dwarven Spider
Midas Summon Falmer Horde
Midas Summon Falmer Archer
Midas Summon Falmer Warrior
Midas Summon Falmer Shaman
Midas Summon Falmer Spellsword
Midas Summon Giant
Midas Icy Shard
Midas Clear Skies
Midas Paralysis
Midas Scorch
Midas Aurura Blast
Midas ArchMage Ward
Midas Clear Eyes
Midas Flame Touch
Midas Force Touch
Midas Tar Pit
Midas Oil
Midas Oil Trap
Midas Gale Cloak
Midas Force Field
Midas Hail Storm
Midas Overheat
Midas Skull
Midas Wind Shear
Midas Utterdark Blast
Midas Sweetroll Maddness
Midas Boulder
Midas Shock Burst
Midas Summon Arch Pyromancer (mini boss)
Midas Summon Dalnork (Fire Temple Boss)
Midas Summon Dwarven Fire Spider
Midas Summon Dwarven Fire Sphere
Midas Summon Dwarven Fire Centurion
Midas Summon Stratos (mini boss)
Midas Summon Magma Anomaly
Midas Force Rip
Midas Bound Arrows
Midas Witch Flames
Midas Witch Fire
Midas Solar Flames
Midas Bound Armor Set
Midas Aura Mass Beam
Midas Aura Flames
Midas Aura Beam
Midas Dragons Mind
Midas Feather
Midas Implode
Midas Cyrissanreyen
Midas Frost Barrage
Midas Imploding Maddness
Midas Chain Fire
Midas FireBall Frenzy
Midas Magic Shield
Midas Ullgorthra
Midas Splintering Bolt
Midas Nuclear Blast(work in progress)
Midas Water Beam
Midas Summon Dragon
Midas Eldritch Ray
Midas Eldritch Aura
Midas Eldritch Blast
Midas Holy Flare
Midas Vitriiolic Blast
Midas Astral Mark and Recall
Midas Column of Fire
Midas Holy Judgment
Midas Summon Spirtual Flare
Midas Summon Spirtual Familiar
Midas Summon Hell Hound
Midas Summon Hellfire Hound
Midas Sky Comet (Midas tes 4 version)



An island is being built with a quest line for the spells :) inclduing custom dungoens and planes.
Fire temple is not 100% complete but if u want to try it type coc aaamtdalnork

so far we have ideas for bosses. The finall boss has been created already



COMING SOON planes of midas magic revised for skyrim.

Thx to MMOxReview for making a weekly Vid. Sub his Channel.

Then heres my account. Sub for support. I will post spoilers of upcoming updates.

Also request spells or ideas you want to see that arent from midas magic spells of aruma.
old Midas Magic Link

Midas Magic Evolved Steam
kaylax87 for giving a lot of cool idea and beta testing
Frost Dragen for some cool textures and ideas
dafakeslenderman for helping on dungeons that are coming soon
^^Dragongirly23^^ for awsome ideas and beta testing
RiddleLedskuLL for awsome ideas and beta testing
tatzushocker for awsome ideas and beta testing.
Band of Brother Productions for help :) ( i am leading this group which is helping me)
And darealslenderman(me) for making the mod.
Scion1122 for help making interiors
Elianora for helping on perfection and etc
tom489314 for making some dungeons.
Micheal for letting use use his cursed flames script.
Xilver, for creating the idea of midas magic and completeling the oblivion version, hopefully in honor of him, we will complete the skyrim version.