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4k/2k retex of the nordic carved armour

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Requires the Dragonborn DLC

Welcome, welcome one and all..

I present to you, the Nordic Carved Knight armour, a retex of the vanilla carved armour! it is not a replacer, so if you use another nordic carved mod, this mod will not effect that mod, nor will that mod effect this mod =D

the textures are in a 4k/2k resolution to give enhanced detail and a better overall look and HD feel.

Made famous by the original Companions, the original Nordic armor had evolved into the current intricately-carved form seen in the distant north. Recently, variants of this armour have been appearing. Believed to be descended from the elites of Ysgramor's companions, these more decorative suits of Atmorian armour have been sighted in various places throughout the Northlands. It is believed that the golden trim was a form of rank, denoting housecarls or even thanes of the ranks of Atmorian military hierarchy, and the ruggedness and rarity of this armour support that assertion.

Despite the plates and scales appearing no thicker than the normal Nordic carved suits, these sets have proven to be far more resilient. Recently, a scholar from the College of Winterhold unearthed an ancient manuscript from the First Era that details the creation of alloys that match that used in this armour. A particular blend of the black metal called Ebony, the purest of steels, and an infusion of quicksilver combined with gold is used to make these suits as strong and potent as their heritage demands. Born of the warriors of Ysgramor, enduring the ages, and now resurfacing in the time of upheavals, this is the armour of heroes worthy of their own sagas.

1 Ignot Ebony

1 Ignot Quicsilver

2 Ignot Gold

3 Leather Strips

6 Ignot Steel

1 Ignot Ebony

1 Ignot Quicksilver

2 Leather Strips

4 Ignot Steel

1 Ignot Ebony

1 Ignot Silver

1 Ignot Gold

2 Leather Strips

3 Ignot Steel

1 Ignot Ebony

1 Ignot Quicksilver

2 Leather Strips

4 Ignot Steel

1 Quicksilver

1 Leather Strip

4 Ignot Steel

Either download manually and extract the files to your Skyrim/Data Directory


Download and activate through NMM

delete the .esp file and also go into your skyrim/data/textures/armor and delete the "NCDhegonus" file.


deactivate and remove with the NMM

Q: Is this awesome armour craftable?

A: Yes, yes it is.

Q: My game crashes after the Bethesda logo or i just see floating heads, am i missing something?

A: Indeedy, you need Dragonborn to use this mod.

Q: where can i find this decent bit of kit?

A: you can either craft it or look around the Windhelm area by the water, a Bandit camp site! the bandit boss will be wearing it.

Q: Are you going to do any other variations of this armour?

A: i am thinking of different colour schemes, yeah :)

Q: if i really like this armour, what can i do to help?

A: well, you can track and endorse the mod! or if you have a high end computer and can take beautiful pics, i'll be needing your assistance probably.

Q: This armour rocks!

A: Not really a question, but i'll take it :)

Q: What ENB series were used for the screenshots?

A: E ENB and True Vision ENB.

Q: Will any ENB work?

A: most, but some ENB's that make things all dark and gloomy make the armour very dark unfortunately.


DarkAngel13 - for the awesome pics Darkangel13

Breandan - For the lore