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  • Forgotten Magic Redone: Enchanted Items

    General Enchantments

    All of these rings carry a common base enchantment that fortifies health and magicka by varying amounts, usually between 25 and 35 points. In addition, each one has a custom enchantment that modifies the effects of one or more Forgotten spells. There are fifteen of these rings at the moment (as of version 1.6.5).

    Ring of Furious Flames

    Increases the chance to apply Searing Pain or Ignite by 5%.

    Band of Devastation

    Increases Meteor Shower meteor count by 1.

    Band of Illusions

    Increases duration of Doppelganger by 50%.


    Increases the damage of Ice Lance by 20%.

    Ring of Hungering Cold

    Ice Surge restores 20 magicka.

  • Forgotten Magic Redone: Druid Spells

    Healing Touch: Restoration Apprentice

    Heals the caster 5pt per sec. for 15 sec.

    * Bloom: increases duration 100% and magicka cost by 50%.
    * Healing Stream: each tick restores extra health equal to 5% of your base magicka.
    * Accelerated Growth: each tick restores stamina equal to 5% of your base magicka.
    * Tranquility of Water: each tick restores 4-6 magicka.
    * Nature's Touch: instantly restores 30-40 health.
    * Cleansing Touch: removes all poison and disease effects.
    * Overgrowth: applies Overgrowth effect that stacks on each tick while at full health. When hit, Overgrowth restores 22-30 health, consuming one charge. Stacks up to 5 times.
    * Vile Infusion: when hit, applies Vile Spores to the attacker. 3...

  • Forgotten Magic Redone: Paladin Spells

    Divine Light: Restoration Apprentice

    Heals the caster 40pt.

    * Touch of Light: chance to restore twice as much health.
    * Divine Plea: applies healing-over-time for 5 sec.
    * Divine Aegis: increases armor rating by 25% for 10 sec.
    * Revelation: if at full health, restores magicka instead.
    * Daybreak: increases effectiveness by 50% during daytime.
    * Pain Suppression: decreases damage taken by 15% for 10 sec.
    * Blessed Aegis: increases magic resistance by 15% for 10 sec.
    * Radiance of Light: restores health to nearby allies.
    * Cleanse: cures all diseases.
    * Sunshine: chance to decrease spell cost by 50% for 10 sec.

    Holy Bolt: Restoration Adept

    Blasts the target with light, c...

  • Forgotten Magic Redone: Electromancer Spells

    Stormstrike: Destruction Apprentice

    Charges the target, causing 8pt of shock damage per sec. for 6 sec.

    * High Voltage: deals extra damage equal to 5% of current magicka on each tick.
    * Electrify: decreases target shock resistance by 30% for duration.
    * Static Drain: burns up to 10 magicka per tick, causing the same amount of damage.
    * Pulsation: chance to stagger the target on each tick.
    * Discharge: chance to disarm the target on each tick.
    * Purge: deals extra damage to summoned targets, equal to 20% of current magicka.
    * Refraction: when target takes damage from your shock spells while affected by Stormstrike, restores 20-30 magicka to you.
    * Charged Atmosphere: decreases shock spell magicka cost by 25%...

  • Forgotten Magic Redone: Cryomancer Spells

    Ice Lance: Destruction Apprentice

    Deals 25pt of frost damage to health and half that to stamina.

    * Replenish: increases magicka recovery for 5 sec.
    * Arctic Grasp: decreases target frost resistance 20% for 10 sec.
    * Frostbite: deals damage-over-time for 8 sec. Target takes extra damage from frost spells during this time.
    * Howling Wind: chance to slow the target 50% for 5 sec.
    * Cold Snap: chance to freeze the target for 5 sec. 10 sec. cooldown.
    * Ice Shear: deals triple damage to frozen targets.
    * Deadly Shards: explodes on impact, causing damage to nearby targets.
    * Chilled to the Bones: decreases target's attack speed by 30% for 10 sec.
    * Rage of the North: chance to increase caster's spe...

  • Forgotten Magic Redone: Mystic Spells

    Arcane Weapon: Conjuration Adept

    Summons an arcane weapon of your choosing for 120 sec.

    * Open Wounds: target bleeds for 10 sec.
    * Swordbreaker: chance of disarming the target on each hit.
    * Tanglefoot: target is slowed 75% for 15 sec. if bleeding.
    * Concussive Blow: chance to knock the target down on each hit.
    * Eldritch Power: chance to increase physical damage 50% for 8 sec. on each hit.
    * Elemental Overload: deals additional fire, frost, or shock damage on each hit equal to 30% of your Conjuration level.
    * Dreadful Wounds: targets with less than 50% health flee in fear.
    * Bloodthirst: drains health from the target on each hit, amount depends on spell level.
    * Distortion: reduces shout recovery tim...

  • Forgotten Magic Redone: Warlock Spells

    Blight Curse: Destruction Apprentice

    Curses the target, causing 7pt of disease damage for 12 sec.

    * Siphon Vitality: siphons 4-8 health from the target to the caster on each tick.
    * Siphon Stamina: siphons 4-8 stamina from the target to the caster on each tick.
    * Lingering Pain: increases duration by 50%, casting cost by 25%.
    * Corrosion: decreases target armor rating by 100 for 10 sec.
    * Desecrate: infects living targets with Desecration, causing disease damage over 15 sec.
    * Throe: paralyzes target with less than 25% health for 5 sec.
    * Tenebrous Affinity: increases blight damage by 50%, but also deals 4-8 damage to the caster on each tick.
    * Mark of the Death: chance to stagger the target on each tick. <...

  • Forgotten Magic Redone: Pyromancer Spells

    Fire Blast: Destruction Apprentice

    Instantly blasts the target for 30pt of fire damage.

    * Searing Pain: chance to ignite the target for 5 sec.
    * Firestarter: chance to cast Fire Blast twice at no cost.
    * Pyromaniac: increases damage by 50% and magicka cost by 25%.
    * Backdraft: chance to knockback the target. Does not work on Dragons.
    * Hot Streak: chance to decrease the magicka cost of Fire Blast by 70% for 8 sec.
    * Combustion: if the target is affected by Searing Pain or Ignite, consumes these effects and decreases fire resistance by 33% for 10 sec.
    * Unrelenting Flame: deals additional damage equal to 8% of your current magicka.
    * Havoc: deals additional damage if the target is not attacking the caster. ...