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Added: 27/04/2013 - 06:13AM
Updated: 01/11/2013 - 01:09PM

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This file improves the expression of a female character, and a motion of a mouth.
*except for Argonians, Khajiits, and orc.

This mod to change the following files:


Change log:

2013.11.02 - ver 1.5 Change femalehead.tri(Weight slider fix)

2013.05.15 - ver 1.4 Change mouthhumanf.tri, femalehead.tri, and mouthhumanf.nif(Optional)

2013.05.14 - ver 1.3 Minor changes(femalehead.tri and mouthhumanf.tri)

2013.05.14 - ver 1.2 Minor changes(mouthhumanf.tri)

2013.05.13 - Add optional file

2013.04.29 - ver 1.1 Change expression 16 "Combat Shout" and some minor changes

2013.04.27 - ver 1.0 Nexus release


This mod is not beautiful to your character.
This mod is strongly dependent on the molding of character made ??of you. It's recommended that you use the mod various to beautify the character.


Enhanced Character Edit

*It can also be used for character mods and race mods with a separate file by using the tri file of vanilla.


MOD to change the following files:



Copy the Data folder into (install folder)Skyrim
*Please back up if there is a file with the same name already exists.


Remove 4 files that were installed with this mod.

Optional File:

Minor Changes of teeth meshe.
Recommend: "Smile in HD" by zzjay
*If you want to adapt to the NPC, to export the "facegendata" in the CreationKit(Ctrl+F4), or directly editing the "facegendata".


Q. I used the shout but look like the Preview's image not play me.
A. "Expression16 - Combat shout" it will not be played even if you shout in the game. Shout to lip-sync properly. I've never seen only in mfg command "Expression 16". I do not know why. To ask Bethesda.

Q. Will this mod fix the bug with NPCs mouths staying open after speaking to the player?
A. Don't fix. This mod is only changing the expression of feelings and shape of the mouth when pronouncing. Facial animation has many bugs 1.9 or later.

Q. Lip-sync is delayed.
A. It's a bug in 1.9 or later. To ask Bethesda.

Q. Nothing happens when using the "mfg command".
A. Command of "Phoneme" and "Modifier" does not work 1.9 or later. To ask Bethesda.

Q. Plans to make the male version ?
A. I think I'll also make male version, I think it will take a while.

Q. Plans to make the beast race version ?
A. Sorry, I can not make it because I've never seen in the real beast is to talk or change the expression. I think beast race is cool enough to remain for now.

Q. Can you upload your character?
A. I don't have a save data of this character(She is a NPC), and can not make also preset. Because i directly edit the vertex in the blender. There is also a possibility to make a follower mod, But there will be other now.

Q. What face mods are you using in preview's character?
A. About the preview's character(I don't use the ECE)

I have edited the facegendata directly. Way to see the Omega99jp 's tutorial(Miscellaneous file).

This texture is that based on the face texture of "CBBE skin texture V2 V3 plus Thepal and UNP compatible" , I have customized the part of around the eye, lips, and more. I dropped the makeup and eyelashes were erased.
I think this is similar to the "SG Female Textures Renewal" other than cosmetic.

Eyes texture, I have to adjust the brightness of "The Eyes Of Beauty"

How to double-sided display the eyelashes:

1. Open eyesfemale.nif in Nifskope.
2. Select "BSLightingShaderProperty" in "NiTriShape".
3. Check the box "SLFS2_Duble_Sided" of "Shader Flags 2" in "Block Details"
*Sample Image
4. Save(Player character you already have a save data is double-sided display in this.)
5. Make the character in the game(or CreationKit). If you want to adapt to the NPC, to export the "facegendata" in the CreationKit(Ctrl+F4), or directly editing the "facegendata".

*Please ask someone if you can not understand, or examine the way on their own.


Please do not share this file in any places without my permission.
If you want to use this mod in your mod, contact me first.

Special Thanks:

tktk - Fixed skinnyMorph(Femalehead.tri).