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Makes dragons shout with an actual voice instead of a roar.

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When the Dovahkiin shouts it does so by speaking words, but when a dragon shouts the only thing it does is a roar.

This mod modifies the dragons shouts voice files to make them actually have a voice, I've used voices that where already in the game and merged them with the actual voices (roars) that sound when a dragon shouts.
There is already a mod called Dragon Real Shouts that adds voices to shouts, but it modifies a lot of assets causing incompatibilities with other mods. I liked the idea so I made this mod as an alternative.
This mod doesn't modify any asset (the .esp is only used so the game can read the files inside the .bsa), it only edits the voice (.fuz) files making it compatible with any mod.

A few things to notice:
- Bethesda used the same voice files for some shouts, for example Alduin's Storm Call has the same voice file as his Fire Breath.
- I've used the unique voices of Alduin and Paarthurnax when possible.
- Odahviing has unique voice files, but there are no actual words with his voice in the game file, so I've used the normal dragon voice for him. His shouts still sound a bit different than normal dragons shouts as his roars where different than the roars from normal dragons.
- The original shout dialog for dragons use a sound parameter that makes them sound near you even if they are at a distance, this works well with the vanilla roars but it can be annoying with the added voices, use the optional file to make the shouts sound from the dragons location instead of near you if this annoys you

This is the list of shouts affected by the modified voices:

- Unrelenting Force
- Dismay
- Ice Form
- Disarm
- Frost Breath
- Fire Breath

There is a different voice sound for Alduin, Paarthurnax, Odahviing and normal dragons on all the listed shouts.

I have no means of making nor uploading a video so I've included an example of the Unrelenting Force shout in Misc. files.