Kaiden Thrace by ArcAngel87
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Added: 25/04/2013 - 01:30AM
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Last updated at 23:27, 25 Apr 2013 Uploaded at 1:30, 25 Apr 2013

This is my first mod that I've released to the public.
Kaiden is a Standalone Follower based off of a book I'm currently writing. He can be married, scales with the player and is located The Drunken Huntsman.

Requirements: Dawnguard (Didn't plan to release, when I created him.)

Installing: Install with nexus mod manger, or unpack and put containing data folder into your data folder.

25 1H
25 2H
17 Archery
20 Block
20 Smithing
15 H. Armor
25 L. Armor
15 Pickpocket
15 Lockpicking
17 Sneak
15 Alchemy
22 Speech
17 Alteration
15 Conjuration
22 Destruction
17 Illusion
20 Restoration
15 Enchanting

Perks: Destruction, Alteration, Restoration, Light Armor, One-Handed, Sneak
Magic: Fire magic, Some Healing and Wards, Paralyze and Mass Paralyze
Combat Style: SpellSword
Is Essential

NOTE: Does not come with sunglasses seen in pictures, authors not accepting PMs. Will upload screens without sunglasses shortly.

If you want to alter this mod in anyway, please ask first. Also as I have used assets from other mod authors, you will need to ask them for permission aswell. Please keep this on Nexus only, and let me know if you see it elsewhere.

Zerofrost - for making one of the best armors in the game and for allowing me to use his mod.

apachii - For allowing me to use her awesome hair mods, which I can't play without.

Chris57 - For allowing free use of one of the best male textures out there.

Please check out these mods, and endorse if you like them, they deserve it.