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If you've watched movies, then you have at one time or another heard the famous "Wilhelm Scream" which is named after a character who took an arrow in the leg (nope, not the knee) in the movie The Charge at Feather River in 1953... however, the original recording of the sound is from the movie Distant Drums, which was released two years earlier. Since then, this particular sound effect has been a running joke in Hollywood for years and has been used in over 200 movies, television shows, and video games, including the original Star Wars Trilogy, the Indiana Jones movies, and Lord of the Rings... just to name a few.

And now... you can have it in Skyrim!

If you still don't know what I'm typing about, the video below (admittedly not mine) ought to give you a reminder.

Now, you can make most male NPCs scream that famous scream when you fight them. The ones I left out were Orcs, the beast races, and the Nords with the "brutish" voice... since I didn't think those were suitable to make a Wilhelm Scream.

I made three versions of this mod. The first does it just occasionally, the second does it more often, and the third... a LOT. But don't expect it to happen every time.

BTW, if you want that sound bit for yourself, you can download it here.