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welcome welcome, come, sit, have some mead or a sweetroll =)

This is Ulath, he is a mean, gruff and rough sounding Dunmer, he hails from Morrowind and heard tales of the Dragonborn, so he has arrived in Skyrim to find the Dragonborn and help in any capacity!

He can be found in the Winterhold College Arcanaeum.

He is totally custom voiced, with over 200 lines of dialogue thus far, but more will be implemented as the updates go on. The actor who plays his voice is me, myself and i and i suffered from a bad sore throat for a while too :P

I based his "voice type" on the Dunmer of the older series of TES games as the "new age" Dunmer sound soft and ergh.. So he has a deep voice, gritty and rough, just how they are supposed to be.

He comes in three flavours aswell, but only one can be used at a time, for obvious reasons, i did this so you, the player, can have a follower who is suited more to your attack style or general play style. The flavours are the Warlock (destruction, conjuration, alteration etc) who is pure magic force wrecking ball, The Ranger (conjure and restoration) who is an archer but also uses a sword if applicable and of course, the traditional Swordsman, a one handed (sword/shield) soldier who likes to get into the action whilst swinging his sword and bashing the masses.

note: all three have healing spells, just incase.

Also, all three have perks and powers, so they might be a tad over powered in the early part of the game, but a vital ally in the mid to late stages.

All the armour and weapons (recoloured/textured ebony sword, bow, arrows and armour) does not overwrite the vanilla Ebony set, it is standalone, they are also temperable and have recipes for crafting, they can also be bought from Warmaidens too, if you have the coin. The have also been placed in the level loot lists, so you will find them on your journey either on tables or chests etc.


Conjuration dept
Alteration Adept
Destruction Adept
Illusion Novice
Magic Resistance
Twin Souls
Alteration Dual Casting
Illusion Dual Casting
Destruction Dual Casting
Restoration Dual Casting


Fast Healing
Grand Healing
Close Wounds
Conjure Familiar
Conjure Flame Atronach
Conjure Dremora Lord
Fire Bolt
Fire Ball
Sou Trap
Lightning Bolt
Lightning Cloak
Wall of Flame
Wall of Frost
Wall of Storms
Ward Greater


Restoration Adept
Conjuration Adept
Illusion Adept
Critical Shot
Hunters Discipline
Eagle Eye
Power Shot
Quick Shot
Back Stab
Deadly Aim
Muffled Movement
Light Foot
Fighting Stance
Critical Charge


Conjure Familiar
Mage Light
Fast Healing


Magic Resistance
Restoration Adept
Fighting Stance
Critical Charge
Shield Wall
Power Bash
Quick Reflexes
Deflect Arrows


Fast Healing
Mage Light

As usual, either download manually and extract to the Skyrim\Data Directory or via the NNM button

This is the IMPORTANT part

This file comes with 3 .esp files if you have guessed already, only activate ONE at any given time.


Simply delete the files from the data directory


It seems i have been victim of the custom voice dialogue bug, basically this means they won't say things when they are supposed too (hello and goodbye, random jibber jabber etc) to fix this, you just need to look at the follower, save, exit to main menu, then load the last save, there, all fixed!

Updates will be coming at some point.