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Primarily created for those who've already beaten it, those who don't want to go through all the hassle of leveling up, or just want to start with a high class to see what interesting things can happen early in the game. Can use console command(showracemenu) to create your own character. Legendary option is open in the leveling menu. Character is located in a fully furnished Breezehome. As you exit, be prepared for a crap load of NPCs interacting with you according to the leveling system as you're now a level 83. Don't be scared!!! This character has no bounties, and hasn't done anything bad. The Oghma Infinium book is located on the shelf in the lab, and can be used one last time, but there is no need. Have fun and good luck!

Character - Nord/Male
Level - 83
Skills/Perks - 100
Perk points left - 3
Bounties - 0
Jailed - 0
Murders - 0
Thefts - 0
Locations - 27
Gold - 993327
Location - Breezehome

Main Quests open:
The way of The Voice
The Golden Claw

Miscellaneous Quests open:
Speak with the leader of the Companions
Join the Stormcloak rebellion

Quests completed:
Discerning the Transmundane
Dragon Rising
Bleak Falls Barrow
Before the Storm


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