Immersive Conjuration Spells - Conjure Skeletons and Dremora by Kozoi
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"If you're like me and you've played a Necromancer before, you've probably wondered to yourself, "Gee, everybody has Skeletons but me. Why is that?" It's because Bethesda are a bunch of axe dragging, pelt wearing, Mead chugging S'wits who don't understand the beauty of the school of Conjuration. Hard realisation? Download this mod. It'll make you feel better, or so I'm told."

Adds the following Spell Tomes:
Conjure Skeleton Warrior, Novice. 120 Seconds. Level 5.
Conjure Skeleton Archer, Novice. 120 Seconds. Level 5.
Conjure Corrupted Shade, Adept. 60 Seconds. Level 20.
Conjure Dremora Archer, Expert. 60 Seconds. Level 46.
Conjure Dremora Warlock, Expert. 60 Seconds. Level 46.

All are available for purchase through-out Skyrim, just like other Spell Tomes. The Adept and Expert Tomes will be available for purchase once the player hits the appropriate level, just like other Spell Tomes. The goal of this mod is for it to feel like it's a part of the vanilla game. As far as I'm concerned, it should have been. If NPCs can conjure something, the player should be capable of doing so too. Right? Right!