Kharjo Relax Dialogue Fix by mistress miaura
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Added: 22/04/2013 - 12:39AM
Updated: 08/08/2013 - 08:47PM

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Last updated at 20:47, 8 Aug 2013 Uploaded at 0:39, 22 Apr 2013

......8.8.2013 FINAL VERSION for this old mod: Removed need for the amulet for compatibility with AFT outfit management! Just plugin and play. This version makes him not speak guard-like lines even before he becomes follower though..

.......21.5.2013: Amazing Follower Tweaks =AFT users! : if you enable AFT outfit management on Kharjo he may revert to old dialogue even if you console him more Moon Amulets for every outfit. Now testing with AFT a simple version that just stops his ID from saying those lines, ever, should work for AFT even though he`ll sound less of a guard if you have not done his quest yet. Not published that version yet.

........8.5 2013: updated for compatibility with AFT or other mods that let followers use default "goodbye" topics when relaxed or dismissed at your place..

Using a mod that allows to tell followers to relax /hang around where you want, on relax mode Kharjo would still say lines like : "Speak to the others if you wish to buy something" -as if back guarding the caravan and a semi stranger.
This mod fixes that.
FOLLOWER MODS: all well Compatible with UFO during months of testing, , with AFT use the latest file!

However, because I made this for my Khajiit character a while back and found this fitting/fun,
he will still say the "This Khajiit guards the others"line occasionally :).Fun especially if you get more khajiit followers!
Ummm...and his aversion to thieves and pickpockets is lessened too cause my character is one ;)

HOW TO: IMORTANT: (read only if you want to use the OLD file wich keeps his guard talk at when at caravan! )
Kharjo must have his MOON AMULET (=one you gave him in his quest) in his inventory- equipped or not, for this to work!!! Made this so that changes to his dialogue would not affect every male member of the Khajiit caravan guard faction, nor him before his quest or if the player should want to revert him back to more"guard like" if dismissed.

If you`ve done his quest and given him the amulet but later sold or lost it , open console (=press ยง) , type the following: player.additem 000D9394 1 to get a new one.
As long as he has the amulet, whether relaxing or sent back "home" to the caravan for a while, he will not say the "guard like" greetings to you.