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100% Lore friendly Archmage retexture (for the Glory of Winterhold)

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A new era for Winterhold has come...

This retexture want to set a new standard for all the players who plays as Archmage and want to use traditional robes (as I saw there are different retexture, some are truly beautiful but far away from the original one, other are close to the original but looks like that "nothing change" so much).

Main symbol added are:

Robes and Hood:
The Eye of the College of Winterhold
The Symbol of the College of Winterhold

The Shalidor's Maze map (Shalidor's testing ground for new Archmage)

Symbol of the Constellation of the Mage*
Symbol of the Constellation of the Atronach*

* I put the symbol of the constellation but its impossible to keep the right direction on the boots, so please don't write "the Atronach/Mage costellation is flipped" cause one of the two you see on one boot are flipped, if the Mage is right the Atronach is flipped and conversely! ;)

This is my personal retexture dedicated to all the Dovahkin Archmage that are proud to run the College of Winterhold!

Thanks to BDMods for the HD video:

Thanks to GodFlamingo for add the Archmage retexture in this mod showcase:

Textures taken from the official High Resolution Texture Pack


All credits to Bethesda

Enjoy and FUS RO DAH!