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Adds Night Eye to the list of Illusion spells.

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Adds Night Eye as an Illusion spell. This spell can be learned from any Novice Illusion vendor like any other Illusion spell.

Warning: This mod will alter your save file. Any future saves will require this mod to work. I have tried several otptions, but it seems once a spell is added it cannot be removed.

Notes: This mod is based on the Khajiit/Werewolf Night Eye power. As such it behaves slightly different from other spells. It can be toggled on or off by casting the spell, and it doesn't seem to apply experiance to the Illusion skill. If/When I figure out a fix, I'll upload it.

This is a mod. All these truths should be self evident.

1This file is not an official Bethesda file. No official support is supplied.
2No warranty is supplied whatsoever. Use all mods at your own risk.
3Always backup your save games before installing any mods.
4No mod is guaranteed to work with any other mod. This includes official expansion packs.