Stormcloak native Nord join dialogue for Nords or Custom race Nords by mistress miaura
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1.9.2017 no changes, just changed file name to a better description (used to be Stormcloack join fix for Nords)

Galmar, the Stormcloak joining quest giver, won`t call a Nord player "foreigner" anymore .
But he still doupts your skill /motivations, judging  you to be  just a mercenary or whatnot, and then gives the normal initiation quest to prove yourself. Activate plugin, preferably load a save not inside Windhelm Castle, Have Fun!

CUSTOM RACE ? :----For roleplaying "custom race Nords" : for that "nordness" to work in your game just don`t tell Galmar the optional line "Skyrim is home to more than Nords" ,and a custom race player passes to next quest like a true son/daughter of Skyrim" ;P! Sry, could have fine tuned that but had the Vanilla Nord race more in mind when doing the plugin last year.

Compatible with any mod that does not change the 1st conversation with Galmar in Windhelm Castle.
And If you play the "Alternate start -live another life" mod and start as a Stormcloack, you don`t need my mod cause this 1st quest is completely skipped.

FAQ =Why this mod ?
Seems Bethesda wanted a nord character, like other characters caught crossing the border to Skyrim, to be born an "outlander", maybe cause a new player is new to everything etc. What if you roleplay a nord who went borderhopping to Cyrodiil, say, a week ago, then crossed back and run into trouble?
Felt too funny having a "Skyrim born and bred" Nord set out for the purpose, in this "Skyrim for Nords faction", to try roleplay motivation to join Stromcloacks after a surprising "Why would a foreigner like you want to fight for Skyrim?" bit from the quest giver:D!
My first "true daughter of Skyrim" nord left by Load Previous Save before Galmar could punch back ;).


For those who wonder/asked how it works:

Does not add new voiced dialogue. And does not just plain skip the 1 foreigner line, that would not have kept sense in the conversation nor the quest triggers working: instead it changes some of players written lines to Galmar and alters the old dialogue tree so that "foreigner" will not appear, quest triggers work, there is a tiny talk using old voice dialogue and new player lines where the player wants to fight for his/her homeland, Galmar appears suspicious of the players committment/motivation, and gives the quest (normal vanilla one) that`s given to such suspicious candidates.

Exact changes made are to:
DIAL CW00BGalmarSkyrimIsHome
DIAL CW00BGalmarBlockingTopic
DIAL CW00BGalmarOnlyNords
INFO "hmmm, Helgen, eh, Ulfric told us...etc..."
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Updates:only updated this description page for mor more informations so far