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Thanks to Zuhon for this awesome video!

*The video shows V1.0*

After a long hiatus, I am back to bring the Nexus yet another player home. I've made a mage's home and a thief's home and decided it was time to make a home for the hunter or ranger or nature-lover in all of us!

The Lodge is a comfortable and carefully crafted player home nestled in the dense forests near Falkreath. I was disappointed that there were no ownable buildings in this beautiful area so I decided to make my own!

The Lodge comes with all of the amenities you would expect plus a few little custom touches. There's a fully loaded crafting area, storage, beautiful outdoor garden, scenic views, a mannequin, a stable for your horse, a map marker, hunter decor, a new bow and armor perfect for the hunter, and a few little surprises as well.

Okay if you don't like surprises here it is: your backyard (and front) are teeming with wildlife to track down and hunt! I've added a few new spawns which include hunters as well so you'll have competition! The Lodge is also attacked time to time by nearby bandits and even dragons so you can defend your land like the rugged man/woman you are!


I am using Climates of Tamriel in my screenshots which also effects lighting, so I highly recommend that mod to get the full feeling of what The Lodge has to offer although I did my own custom lighting for those of you who do not want Climates of Tamriel.


If you like this mod, vote, endorse, or drop a comment and provide feedback! Also check out my other mods!

V1.1 comes with a few lighting bug fixes for the interior of The Lodge. Also spruced up the interior fire light and spruced up downstairs. Added various shrubbery outside for a more overgrown look and FIXED THE DOOR. HALLELUJAH. Oh, yeah, and I added a workbench outside that was missing for some reason.


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