Iron Man Mk6 WIP by Motch1391
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Added: 19/04/2013 - 02:27PM
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Last updated at 13:31, 19 Apr 2013 Uploaded at 14:27, 19 Apr 2013

Armor Rate: 90
Weight: 25
Value: 2000
No special abilities.

Still to do:
Fix in first person view (add arms to hands)
Improve Textures / Normal Maps
Maybe a spell but I would prefer you just download another mod for this
There won't be flying function, so check this out:

There will also be some optic improvements but not at the moment.

The suit is located in the East Empire Warehouse near Solitude.

~ I finally came to release my ironman mark 6 suit. The mesh was all made by my own and if you have critics please keep in mind that it was a lot of work and the best I was able to do. I hope you have fun with it, and if you like it please vote with thumbs up :)
I added WIP to the title so it should be more clear that this is not the finished suit, I have just released it so you can finally play it.
Please don't tell me what I have to do next or what I should change on the Ironman, I have looked on it for many hours and know all the see through parts and that the textures are not very well. I will fix these things in time. If you did not read this and still post "Add some textures" or " I can see through it" I will delete the comment, and for the trolls of you who still think they have to write somethign like that: I'm neither amused nor bothered by these comments, so spare your energy and let it be.

I know that it is still not perfect but I will update this mod from time to time to improve the suit.

Post pics, post videos, I'm happy about everything i can see.
If you want to modify this mesh please contact me first.