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i created this mod for my own personal use it is kind of a cheat mod because as so it is has more displays than a normal player house and it has more storage than a normal player house, and has a full set of crafting utilities plus, you don't have to buy it. so kind of a cheat mod like nearly every house mod. and if you must know i am a massive pack-rat lol. BTW the container called trash is what it says you put your items in and after time they will disappear

if you are wanting the HD version you see in the images ile be posting it soon it will be a texture file so you can download thieve vault main file and the HD will be an optional add to it .

Thieve's Den is located near Morthal i think it should already be in the map quick travel ready to go.
2 mannequins's, 1 enchanting, 1 alchemy, 1 forge, 1 smelter, 1 tanning, 1 workbench, spinningwheel, 1 woodblock, loads of storage, loads of bookshelf, loads of dagger cases, loads of weapon plaques, 1 bed,
-X- more specific utilities and images will be released when i get round to counting them. -X-
I have added a substantial amount of Images but i am still getting round to adding more information about the Storage and facilities in this house mod

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