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~ Delicate ~ High Fantasy ~ Elven ~ Faction Inks ~ Replacer~
~For Ethereal Elven Overhaul Females ~

The 8 Elven Inks are Named;
Lux ~ (Light)
Nox ~ (Dark)
Pulvis ~ (Dust)
Umbra ~ (Shadows)
Terra ~ (Earth)
Ignis ~ (Fire)
Shifter ~ (Were)
Outsider ~ (Dishonored)

InstallVia NMM or Manually ~
Simply open the .zip file, drag and drop the Data file into your Skyrim folder and overwrite if needed. You can also copy and paste the single file you wish to use in the Tintmasks folder. (data\textures\actors\character\Ethereal\Tintmasks).

If you don't want to replace the specific warpaint number I have saved, chose the number you want to replace and after the underscore ( _ )
change the number to the one you want to use (01-08).

Re-install EEO

Using RACE MENU by Expired will help tremendously with utilizing the layering of these warpaints. It is not necessary, but it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! They will NOT look like they do in the screenshots otherwise.


You should use SKSE 1.6.13.+ Thanks to a .ini setting added to SKSE, it is now possible to use HD (2048x2048) warpaint applied to your character rather than being limited to the vanilla resolution (256x256). To allow this you MUST have SKSE installed and you should add these lines to your SKSE.ini:


Note: Prior to the introduction of this SKSE settings, no matter how big the textures were, the game downscaled them to the vanilla resolution at 256 x 256. This setting though, while allowing for higher resolution warpaints, will cause low resolution textures to look worse due to upscaling.

Because these were created in 2k Resolution, if you do not use this SKSE tweak, the warpaints will look more pixelated than in my images.