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I use ACE - Combat Skills to make skyrim harder and more interesting, as it's the mod that has a small amount of changes done well and to good effect. However, it doesn't go far enough to balance some of the stealth gameplay in my opinion and too far with archery sometimes. (Just personal taste).

A few weeks ago I made a mod to make those changes and decided to make a set of modular mods to release for others to use if they wish.

Halves the bonus from Stealth.

This should stop the defacto invisibility gameplay.

Halves the bonus from Overdraw.
However, deadly aim now does 4x as much damage.

The idea here is to still allow that 1 shot kill that is so necessary sometimes, but subsequent combat is nerfed so that 1 shot kills out of stealth are not ordinary.

All of the ACE - Combat Skills tweaks to combat are still in effect (if you're using them) for archery - hitting from the back will still knock someone down, etc..

However, all bows remain vanilla. No more long bows or light bows as this could really mess with some other mods that added bows in and you ended up being stuck with them all being longbows.

Still in the works

All Summoned Atronachs are now 1hp. (still testing this)
Re-animated bodies remain the same.
The Reanimate undead thrall spell has been removed altogether.

The idea with this is to stop the spam.
Being able to conjure a meatshield (atronach) is far too convenient and spammable - They still make good added firepower.
Reanimating the dead however will remain the same, but they are non-permanent - thinking and tactics are going to be required unlike before.
Conjure Familiar is unaffected so as not to kill all the Bretons in skyrim ;)

Requirements and Compatibilities
All of these mods are compatible with any mod that resets vanilla perks - as I didn't change any of the perks, only the values.

Obviously, it will not be compatible with mods that change the same perk trees.

All the mods are modular and require none of the other mods to operate. Individual files are found under optional files.

Compatible with ACE - Combat Skills, however, you need to decide whether to use ACE Archery or my mod and just remove the unnecessary file.

Merely remove the NERFED - * esp files from your data directory.
There are ZERO scripts.