Honeyside Thieves Lair by Thomas C
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Honeyside Thieves Lair Mod for Skyrim.


This Mod provides an extension to the basement of the Riften, "Honeyside", Player Home, located behind a secret door... that is not too hard to find.

The "Thieves Lair" is meant as a convenient hideaway for a member of the Thieves Guild, where he can cool his heels, plot his strategies, lay his plans, and change his gear... into the respectable front, or whatever role he needs to play at any given time.

But any player can live there, not only thieves, for the atmosphere is both pleasing and warm, safe and secure.

Like any respectable Thieves Lair, there is a nice, shiny, trophy room that doubles as a shrine to the "Gray Fox".

There are other addons to Honeyside out there, but for me, they are all too little or too much... so, I decided to dust off my MOD-maker skills and have a go at it.

There are some "keys" lying around and that can be legitimately classified as being a cheat, but it is not expected that you will use them. They just add atmosphere and flesh out the idea of it being a thieve's home.

There are no secret rooms just -yet!- but that _will_ change. There is no quest attached to it, but that might change too! depending on the availability of the time to do it... and of course... if there is a demand for it.

This is an extremely lightweight Mod that has no scripts or additional requirements.

There are a few Unique items in there, that I created for this Mod in particular, and that you will see nowhere else, though it requires no additional graphics or images... keeping the package small and memory usage, minimal.

Keep in mind that this is a work in progress, so some parts and/or items, are incomplete.

Version Information

- Added a Nightingale Temple.
- Added a secret tunnel to a hidden room where portals will be later added.

- Original release.

Installation instructions are in the "readme", but there is nothing special about it.

There are no known bugs, but I am only one person...

Feedback, as with all Mods, is appreciated. 8)

This is my first go at a Skyrim Mod; I do hope that you enjoy it.

... And if you do like it, then do not hesitate to "Endorse" it.



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