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TMNT Armor
A Higeyosi Mod

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
TMNT's symbolic shell, now in armor form. Comes in a set with shell-armor and a mask. Masks are available in colors matching those of all TMNT characters, with the addition of a "Mask of Zoro"-esque black version.

How to Get It
Creatable at any forge.
?TMNT armor: 1 Dragon Bone, 1 Dragon Scales, 2 Leather Strips
?TMNT mask: 1 Linen Wrap

The armor can be found in the Daedric category, but you do not need its smithing perk to forge it.

Licensing / Legal
Feel free to include or edit these items for your own mods, but please give me credit where applicable.

Special Thanks!
Screenshot: DRAGONPORN

Description Translation: Hagu (Youtube LPs: HaguDeGozaru)