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Add some magic runes as shields.

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It has been a long time that I left this game and making mods.I'm really sorry for those who sent me messages for permissions to use this mod.
It's just OK.Anyone can use or modify this mod for free without asking me.

This MOD is NOT-AT-ALL lore-friendly,if you do not like this style,I'm very sorry for that :(

Version 1.1

Some simply modified magics are now avalable , they are all sold by Farengar in the Dragonsreach.

While making the magics I found myself not very good at dealing with magics , so maybe I should concentrate more on the shields. The magics are not perfect , some problems still exist ,please don't consider them too seriously. I hope there could be an expert who can improve them into real magic - everyone is welcome :)

Version 1.01

-Fixed some little graphical bugs
-Added a Non-Glowing version for those who don't like shiny things

I've always been thinking that the magics in Skyrim look so simple.While I'm new on making MODs,the only I can do to make the game look more "magical" is to make this small MOD.After I publiced this MOD, I found that almost everyone hopes that they can work as graphics of magics.At first I just wanted to use them to take screenshots , so I didn't consider about their practical functions... Another reason why I didn't set them as accessible magics is that I don't know how to export a file with animation.Though it's a little hard for a newcomer like me , I will try to make it .But it would be better if someone could teach me how to make a .nif file move...

Several magic runes are added in the game.There are two versions - the smaller ones can be armored as shields and the larger ones are just misc items,you can throw them onto the ground.Of course they are useless except for taking screenshots :p.

You can forge all the magic runes on the smithing forge , Daedra category.

Known BUGs: if the ground is not very plane , some parts of the magic runes may sink under ground.
If your computer is slow running , there is a possibility to cause CTD.
If CTD accurs when loading your game, just try to load anther savegame,and then load it.

I'm still studying things about MODs,so every suggest is welcome,and it will be better if you can teach me how to set it as an accessory...

If you like this MOD, that would be my pleasure.