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Added: 15/04/2013 - 04:47PM
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Last updated at 12:42, 13 Aug 2013 Uploaded at 16:47, 15 Apr 2013

This is my first mod and it replaces the animal in Skyrim with Pokemon. So far this mod contains:
Dragons as Charizard;
Spiders as Ariados;
and Trolls as Machoke.

I saw a picture with a Charizard coloured dragon in Skyrim and dovahkin holding a pokeball and wearing Ash's hat and i though id try to find a mod containing the Charizard texture of a dragon but i couldnt so i decided to make my own. After learning how to make a mod and all that good stuff i finally retextured it and am now working on other creatures.

If you see any bugs you think is related to this mod please dont hesitate to tell me. Only the basic dragons are retextured so frost dragons and skeletal dragons are still the same. Also not all spiders ar Ariados and only frost trolls are Machoke. please excuse the shaggy looking design for this is my first mod and i plan to expand on it by changing the textures of some other animals into Pokemon. if you like this please show by leaving a comment or an endorsment or whatever so i can continue adding to this.
Best played with Adolifs Pokeball mod for full Pokerim effect :)
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